Monday, June 29, 2009

The Killdeer

The killdeer eggs have still not hatched. I've been watching closely, because I want to get pictures of the babies. Oh. They are the most darling little puffballs darting about. Each time I go to the barns where I store my equipment, the mama killdeer puts on a dramatic display.
She flaps around wildly, screaming 'Keeeeekeeeeeeeekeeeeeeekeeeee!'. The display is meant to say, "I'm wounded, easy prey, far more worth your while than that nest of eggs..." taking her (and the predator) further and further from her nest. When she has led the predator far enough from the nest, she simply flies up into the air and circles about until it is safe to come back. This particular bird has become so used to me checking out that nest that she has begun to nervously (but quietly) watch me, forgoing the display.


Gayla said...

I'm so sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile. No excuses, but life's been weird and not accident free..LOL
I'm so excited about the Killdeer and her eggs! I'm an avid bird lover, but we don't have the beautiful birds here that you do.
But I do have baby hummingbirds in our back yard and they are 19 days old today! It's been fun watching them grow. I've got some awesome pictures and video on my blog, and working on some videos and pics taken today. They came out perfect!
I hope you're doing well :) And can't wait to hear about the Killdeer eggs hatching :))
Huggers, Gayla

Daria said...

Isn't nature something ...