Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Back

I'm not much of a pill person. Really. I believe that I'm doing remarkably well to be remembering my 5 each morning. But one of the pills did not seem to be controlling the symptoms that it was supposed to control. I started reading up on this drug and was surprised to find that it was quite a powerful drug with an assortment of side effects, some of which were already troubling me. It occurred to me that really, taking this drug was like swatting mosquitoes with a baseball bat, and so I quit taking the drug. Cold turkey. I suppose that I really hadn't ought to have done that. I cannot say whether or not my impulsive decision had anything to do with the events of the next few days. After struggling to get through my work day for most of last week, I had my powerhouse Saturday, and then I was flat on my back sick for the next two and a half days, sleeping 10 and 12 hours at a time, getting up for two and falling back to sleep for several more hours. Strange dreams, and nightmares too. Nausea, and sweating and chills. I've still got no appetite, although I can drink water by the quart. It seems to be on the downhill side now, and I went back to work this morning. What a few days that was, and let me tell you, there is nothing going to get me to take another one of those pills. Ever. Mind you, I've no idea if they actually were at the root of all of this, but, by golly, my mind is made up, so don't be confusing me with facts.

Today I worked nine hours and came home, got our truck and headed out to shovel a truckload of compost. I drove it back home and then shoveled it off again. I'm sweaty and tired, and have just polished off another quart of water. I'll take a long hot shower and then I expect to sleep soundly tonight, untroubled by nightmares.


WhiteStone said...

Very glad that you are feeling well enough to shovel up a load of compost, then unload it as well. What are you? A glutton for punishment?? No! Wait! You're ten years younger than I. That's no biggie! At your age I was shoveling off a load of river gravel. Heavier than compost. I might smirk about that except I ended up with a frozen shoulder which required painful therapy. I guess I'd better unsmirk. LOL

steviewren said...

Gosh, I'd be afraid to take that pill again myself. I'm glad you're better. My philosophy is to take as little medicine as possible, but I do believe in vitamins.

Bush Babe said...

Yep. I'd label that one bull-headed too. No facts here. Just a hug when you over-do it AGAIN!!!!

Caroline said...

Its pretty scary how strong some medications are. I would call your doctor and tell them you stopped taking it and why, so at least there is a note in your file about it. I am amazed at your energy. I am exhausted after a walk and you are shoveling compost!!!

Kelly said...

I don't blame you for wanting off the medication. I do agree, though, that you should let your doctor know you've stopped it and why. Also, be careful ever just "quitting" a medication. Some drugs have to be weaned off.

I can't imagine doing all the physical activity you do. I'd be exhausted!!!

Scotty said...

Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.


Here's some curry paste for ya.