Friday, June 19, 2009


Still dragging tired, but life goes on. Last night, I picked up Mary and we went to my sister's house for supper. I brought the end of last summer's strawberries from the freezer. We had strawberry shortcake for dessert. We all sat at the table exchanging stories. Although Mary is a new friend for me, she and my sister were dear friends during high school. My sister's sister-in-law, Linda, joined us. Supper was excellent. My sister, Anna, made the main course, swiss steak. Linda made some excellent bread. Mary made the salad, and it was a good one. We lingered over good food and the stories came one right after another, and the laughter was nonstop. It has been a long time since I have laughed that long and that heartily. It was a joy. And when we left, at the ungodly hour (for me, anyhow) of 10 PM, I saw for the first time that the fireflies were out. I've been so exhausted that I haven't been outside after dark for, gosh, I don't know how long. When I finish work tonight, I've got a plan. Our robins have left the nest last week. I can finally pull the deck furniture out and set up the back porch. And when I am done, I am going to take a while to sit on the porch swing and watch the fireflies. Firefly season doesn't last long here. A month, maybe six weeks. I missed the young robins' first flight, but I'm not going to miss fireflies.


WhiteStone said...

I am so amazed at how you keep moving through the pain/tiredness. I'm a wuss and when I come down with cold or flu I'm out for the count...sofa time 24/7. My chemo symptoms are so kind to me in comparison of how some have to deal with it. I'm glad I am moving freely, but I wince at how hard it is for others. Bless you. Hope you feel much better as time goes on.

Kelly said...

I've seen some fireflies lately. I always enjoy them.

Bush Babe said...

Love that you had a lovely night. And love that you get firefly entertainment to boot. No fireflies here. We get wallabies, you get fireflies. Wanna swap for a bit?

Debby said...

BB - 'Wallaby' considering that swap. I'll let you know.