Sunday, June 7, 2009


I was painting again today. I told Mike and Tim that they needed to entertain themselves for the day because I wasn't falling off the roof again. I'm a gal who learns from her goofs. I gave that extension ladder wide berth, climbing in and out of the second floor window instead. At this point though, my feet were still firmly planted on the ground. Tim had hacked down the hedges on the side of the house. I hated for him to do it, but it was the only way to get to that side of the house to paint. He assured me that they would grow again in no time, but the next thing I know, he was wanting to cut down the large pine just to the side of the porch. He was also looking at a tree growing too near the fence in the back yard. I got busy painting. It has been my experience, with Tim, that once he gets a notion to wreak mayhem and destruction on the local flora, it's best not to argue about it. If left to his own devices he usually gets to doing something else, and just never gets back to the issue of the trees, whereas, if you argue, that sort of imprints the whole thing into his psyche somehow. The tree will be gone, because if it isn't, then he has lost the argument. I was willing to concede the tree at the fence line. I had already lost the battle on the hedges. I was not willing to lose the pine tree by the front porch.

As I painted, ignoring Tim as he and one of the tenants discussed the pine tree by the front porch, I noticed a red truck pulling into the nursing home next door. I saw the same old man get out of it, with the same dog. They entered the nursing home, and it was not long before they were back outside. The young man moves his own wheel chair with his feet, and he made a beeline to inspect our work. "Hi," I called out and went over to talk. Turns out, just as I had guessed, the old man was his father. The young man had a severe stroke, and was in the nursing home. The dog was his, and the father was keeping it for him. He comes, with the dog, nearly every day. A very ironic twist. Usually it's the children visiting their parents in the nursing home, not vice versa. The situation touched me. Anyways, Rob was scooting along in his wheel chair inspecting the missing hedges. I said, "What do you think of that, Rob? Tim over there hacked down those shrubs. Looks awful, doesn't it?" And, Rob tried to speak. The words were garbled, but he was pointing to the tree in the back yard, against the fence. "You think that tree needs to come down as well?" Satisfied, he leaned back in his chair and said, "Yeah." "Men!" I said. "Tim! Rob agrees with you about the tree in the back yard." To Rob, I said, "Well, you might just as well go up front and weigh in on the pine tree by the porch." As Rob inspected the pine tree, I talked with his father. He wants to find a van with a wheel chair lift to take his son places. He hates the nursing home and thinks that his son needs to get away from it. I thought. "I'm pretty sure some of the city buses have wheel chair lifts," I said. "I'm pretty sure that you can arrange transportation through them." "Really?" the father said. "Let me do some checking," I said, and I went to our truck to write down his name and phone number.

Isn't it neat how life works? Yesterday, I watched this trio and I realized how blessed I was. The very next day, God gave me the opportunity to be a blessing right back.


Bush Babe said...

Good on you Deb... hope they are soon footloose and fancy-free (so to speak!).

And BTW - what are you doing awake at 2.08am??

WhiteStone said...

That's how God designed be a blessing to one another. And that blessing can be the simplest thing; it doesn't have to be something impressive or complex. Just everyday living. I wish we all (all humans) could/would be a blessing to one another. Wouldn't life be easier!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby,It’s great to be a blessing for someone(s) and to hopefully put them in a position where they can be blessing to others- and it sounds as this is what this father and son team will do. An upliftinh, entertaining, and amusing post. Thanks, DavidM.

Debby said...

DavidM! Welcome back. I've been concerned about you. Hope all is well!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the concern, Debby :) but there's no need for it I am very well, busy, but well.DavidM

jeanie said...

Hey there Deb - have just caught up on your last 5 posts (been a bit slack here on the blog front).

Its amazing what life lessons are thrown our way if only we can look at them.

Debby said...

Hey, yourself, Jeanie. No worries. Expectant mothers get a lot of slack on this blog.

Lori said...

I tend to get a bit teary when I read your entries. How great to get the chance to help out the man and his son. I hope the son's prognosis is good. (And I hope the pine tree gets a reprieve!)