Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Great Weekend!

My aunt Sher called to see if Tim and I wanted to go out for dinner on Saturday night. We said yes. When we got to the restaurant, not only were Uncle Frank and Aunt Sher there, but my Aunt Linda and Uncle Don from Florida. I was so shocked to see them. Uncle Don was diagnosed with prostate cancer about the same time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He did not have to have chemo, but he's still bald.
LOL, as they say.
They all surprised me by remembering my birthday. We had so much fun, laughing and joking. I was sorry to see it end.
My nephew was badly injured in Iraq probably three years ago. After a long hospitalization, many surgeries, he and Sarah came back home. We rejoiced then. We rejoiced again Sunday morning, blessed by the birth of their first child, Abigail Joy. My sister became a grandma for the very first time.
My rocks are nearly layed for my little ornamental pond.
Brianna and Buddy came up to have dinner with us. He seems very nice. They brought a cake, and Mall cop. Corny, improbable, but funny. It was a great evening.
This weekend, I gave up my wig. I'm so glad I finally got the courage to do it.
Yes, BB. I will take a picture.


Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Birthday Deb. It sounds as though it was a very good one for you. Thanks for putting out the full version of Desiderata the other day also. It is one of my favourites. I never knew who the author was before - I thought it was a much older poem somehow.
I look forward to the next pic also! All the best Barb

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just found your blog today, and have spent so much time here reading way back in your posts about your journey through cancer. So glad I did! I, too, am going through it all, and am just getting my hair back. I'm so glad to be rid of my hats!!!!!
Hope you had a great birthday celebration!!!!


Kelly said...

Which day was actually your birthday? Happy belated one from me!

I want to see pictures with your buzz! I also hope you'll post pictures of your pond when it's finished. Or maybe take pictures throughout the process so you can make an entry on how to build one.

jeanie said...

Happy birthday, you sly girl!!

Doris said...

I would love to have an ornamental pond! Please show us how to build one..And Happy Birthday to you.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had a nice Birthday :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Debbie. Imagine how free you will feel, wigless :)

Debby said...

Welcome Cora! Rhubarb, I feel much better without the wig. It is too warm to wear it now. My birthday is not until Thursday, our anniversary is Friday, and this weekend is a long weekend for Memorial Day. Nice, hey? Don't forget Hal's birthday is the 22nd of May.

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday!

Glad you had so much time with loved ones.... The best.

Bush Babe said...

Ummmm.... just re-read this in non-warp speed... I did try to comment when you first posted but blogger ate it. Then I got sidetracked...*Slinks away in shame*

Wish I was there to *chink* the chardy glass with you and catch up.


A Novel Woman said...

Well, hey, happy birthday. You share the same birthday as my eldest daughter Heather who will be 23 tomorrow!