Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Like Bush Babe

Bush Babe is always after me, to take pictures. And she's so nice about it, always asking puh-leaze. She's very polite. Her mother, Anonymous, has raised her very well, no doubt about it. Anyhow, I suck at pictures. Big time. Tim and I were going to the lawn tractor races in Russell. (We live in a small town.) Part of the to-do of these lawn tractor races is the hats. Our friend Danny made a hat, and we were going to get a picture of it, a large green flower pot filled with artificial flowers. The flowers nodded and bobbed as he went by. On the front of the pot it said 'Blooming Idiot'.It was funny. Hilarious really. You'll just have to take my word for it, because, wouldn't you know...the flipping batteries, the ones that I just took off the flipping battery charger, were dead. The camera didn't work and it made me kind of mad.
So we got in the car and headed off to the local K-mart to grab a package of batteries. Coming out of the parking lot, what to our wondering eyes should appear was a real life honest to goodness BALD EAGLE swooping and soaring up and down the Conewango River. We were thrilled. We also had a camera. This is about the time when I flipped upside down over the back of the seat, rummaging through the bag to grab the batteries to stick in the camera. Tim parked the car, and we ran across the busy intersection to stand on the bridge and take pictures. Unfortunately, by the time we go there, our bald eagle friend had stopped soaring, and was sitting on a tree limb considerably down stream.
Not to be disuaded, we headed down the road to the local lawn and garden shop, approximately where the eagle was roosting. We were going to get some awesome pictures for the blog.

The local lawn and garden shop is pretty cool. There's a covered bridge there to walk from one part of it to another.

Pretending that I was BB, I tried for 'artsy fartsy'. Yeah. Didn't work.

We did not see the eagle. Not to be disuaded, we clambored down bank and jumped from one stone to another to a small island of river rock. Still not able to see him, I kicked off my huaraches and waded right out into the water. I was determined. I stood there in the water my camera at the ready. I got distracted a little.

It was about then that he flew farther up the river. Not to be disuaded, we clambored back up the bank and headed followed the river.

I got a nice picture of an Amish man's horse. He brings his buggy and two little kids in and sells his wife's stuff along the highway. We did not take a picture of him and his two children, a boy and a girl. The Amish do not believe in picture taking. It violates the rule about 'not making any graven images'. We did not wish to offend. We did cheerfully call out to them as we passed by. They had not noticed the eagle soaring up and down the river behind them.

We passed phlox.

Lily of the valley.

Dandilions gone to seed are always interesting, but I did not stop to pick one to make a wish on.

The shale bank across the road was kind of cool.

Finally, Tim froze, and motioned. There sitting on a branch studying us was the bald eagle. He was beautiful and we watched him. I remembered the camera and raised it. And that moment, the thing shut itself off. I hurriedly turned it back on, and by the time I brought the camera to my face, what I saw was a branch bobbing back and forth where an eagle had just been sitting. I was not a happy camper.That eagle must have felt sorry for us because he began to fly up and down the river. Eagles as fast. I kept missing the shot. I swore. I swore and started to get just a little weepy.
Tim grabbed the camera. By now the eagle had soared high into the sky and was making lazy circles around us. Tim captured the shot. See that little block dot, right there in the middle of the picture?
Right dead center in the middle. That black spot? You don't see the eagle. This ones a bit clearer. He disappeared into the clouds.
BB, I tried. I really tried to make you proud, but the sad truth of it is, really, I suck at pictures. Here, however is the robin's nest on the back deck on top of the step ladder. These birds aren't moving yet. It was a little bit easier.


Daria said...

They are great pictures ... I want to start taking more outdoor pictures so that I would be more inclined to go out and about ... unfortunately, I end up staying indoors too much.

Anonymous said...

Oh Deb, loved this one - the photos and the humour as usual. And yes, I can see the eagle dot! What a treat to have such a lovely nest of beautiful eggs at your door also.
A great snapshot of your day actually. We don't have covered bridges here - or Amish - some of the wonderful diversity of your world.
Can't say that BB got her photographic bent from her mother's side, but we all certainly enjoy her offerings.
Thanks for another very enjoyable post. Barb

Carol said...

I know your pain of chasing a good pic... but hang in there, they come with lots of practice and thank heavens for digital cameras!

Bush Babe said...

Dear me... I come across for a regular visit and what do I find? My dear friend Deb taking my name in vain!!

Now, I have to say I really enjoyed this post despite your supposed shortcomings in the shootin' dept. Your words make up for whatever we cannot see! But if you made your pics bigger (select LARGE when uploading) you'd be OK. I often start out to do something (like chasing an eagle) and end up with something totally different. That's life baby!

Loved the groovy arty farty shot, loved the bridge and Amish horse, ADORED the nest eggs and blossoms and sky-searching dots.

More, more. Puh-lease!!

jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha - you are a card!!

I saw the eagle the whole way through the post - the photos were incidental - although I am intriged - "I kicked off my huaraches" - and no photos of what the heck "huraraches" are - I have a vivid imagination, but may need some flesh on that one.

Caroline said...

Great pictures!

Beth said...

really enjoyable, thanks! have a great day.

The Factory said...

Hello my lovely. How are you ?

Kelly said...

Debby, I loved your pictures!!! I post pictures on my blog all the time, whether they're any good or not, LOL!

I can't believe you didn't snatch up that dandelion after you took its picture. I can't pass one up (unless I figure I'll get covered in ticks or chiggers by getting to it).

My favorites were the dandelion and the robin's eggs.

steviewren said...

Love this Debby! I do the same thing driving down the road. I'll see something fantastic that I would love to share on the blog. I fumble in my purse while still driving trying frantically to get my camera out. Just the time I'm ready to shoot, the target vanishes.

Oh well, the chase was fun wasn't it?

Mary Paddock said...

I think the shot of the eggs is terrific. Like you, I often wish I had the right timing, camera, and agreeable subjects (Eagles aren't). That's why I take so many pictures of my German Shepherd and my garden. I know they'll stand still for me.

Pencil Writer said...

Great pictures. I know that getting bald eagles to cooperate with your camera and shutter finger is, regretably, not so easy. But loved the pic's. 'Specially the flowers and robin's eggs/nest.