Friday, May 1, 2009


I went to a birthday party for Kathy. She turned 60. Her birthday was actually a week and half before the party, but she was celebrating her birthday in Athens, Greece (after a week in Italy), so we had to wait on her to get back before we could sing happy birthday. Kathy is a lovely vivacious widow, someone who just overflows with kindness and generosity. Her family was there, and her husband's family, and her four daughters and her grandchildren. A goodly portion of our church was there too, and I sat with some of them, content in the warm sun, happy to watch and listen. Suddenly, Mr. B. leaned over to tell me how much he enjoyed my last column. 'I'm glad,' I said. He said, 'You know, you are really an inspiration to so many people.' The truly amazing thing is that I had just been looking on these faces and thinking how they had inspired me. Jesus knew what he was doing when he called us to be in fellowship with one another.


Bush Babe said...

Is this a time I can say "Sweet Jesus" and get away with it??

(You inspire me too, but you knew that!)

PaintedPromise said...

Bush Babe - can i get an AMEN?????