Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Sad Story

I pulled off the road into a bank parking lot today to make a call on my cell phone. I watched a young girl pedal up on a bike. I know this girl. She is beautiful and a very intelligent young lady. She also had a pretty rough life, but somehow she managed to stay sweet. What a hard worker that girl was! She studied hard at school, she was clever with sewing, she helped her mother on their farm. She was always one of those kids that you looked at and thought, "Gosh, keep an eye on this one, because she's going to go somewhere..."

Unfortunately, she met a man of God. The man of God had children that were nearly her age. He waited until she was 18 and then professed his love. There was nothing to be done. This was a very intelligent girl who knew exactly what she wanted. She was a Godly girl herself. She got married right after high school. Since the man of God lost his church job over this debacle, they were going to start over somewhere else. The man of God would take care of them so that she could go to college.

Well, the man of God's job did not work out for him, so they are back. The young girl works two menial jobs. The man of God has not found suitable work after nearly a year, so he stays home all day and plays video games.

This girl pedaled up on her bike. She's such a hard working girl. I know that she is working her very hardest to make this impossible situation work, sacrificing everything to make a go of it. That is just her nature. I watched her from my truck, and, for an instant, I really itch to slap that man of God.


Caroline said...

I would be there right behind you to slap him silly! Man of God? Hah! Not if he's acting like that.

Bush Babe said...

Yeah... that 'man of God' label. Handed out way to liberally in my opinion. 'Bad husband' might be more appropriate? Hopefully she can lift herself up higher, despite her chosen life partner?

I have to say, the whole religious reverence which is part of the fabric of American society is less prominent down here - not sure why? Sure there are those who believe, and those who fervently believe, but not too many who would be with a 'person of the cloth' just because they beckoned. Am I over-simplifying??

And the slap? Very much overdue, I would suggest!

Lydia said...

Uh, I'm getting in the slapping line and would like to add someone to be slapped, if you don't mind. Maybe we could get a whole group of slappees and slappers set up we would have a veritable slapping brigade!

My ex-husband was re-married within 2 months of our divorce. His new wife was 18 he was 40. So, if we could please just add him to the line of slappees, I'd appreciate it.

My heart goes out to these girls, they definitely came from troubled lives, and it looks like they will continue in that cycle.

Pencil Writer said...

I was hearing "man of God" with a rather crunchy note of sarcasm, wasn't I? The line from the Bible, somewhere, says something to the effect that "ye shall know them by their fruits." Well, this MAN and I use the term loosely, is acting pretty fruity if you ask me. I hope that young woman really asks God, Himself, about what to do. That sorry excuse she's married to . . . well, sorry is the word. I'll say a prayer for her, too. Maybe some day the guy will figure out how to act more God-like, till then, I hope she will wake up and see the sunlight that comes from the source of all light.

Anonymous said...

Yes sir, you would like a job with our company, eh? What do you do?

"I am a man of God."Can you weld?

"No."Can you do bookkeeping? Acounting? Mechanical repair? Plumbing?

"No, no, no and"Well, what DO you do?

"I am a man of God!"Well, ahhhhh, have you tried the local church?

"Yes. But, um, it didn't work out. I could tend to your flock - err, your employees! Spiritually, I mean. Especially if you have any female employees who are between 15 and 18 years of age..."This interview is over...GOOD DAY TO YOU, SIR!

Yeah, somebody needs to slap some sense into that turd. Can I get in line? (The girl probably needs a slap as well.)

Anonymous said...

Well. The formatting of my former post sure got mucked up. Don't axe me why, I don't know. But it sure didn't post like it looked when I typed it in there here little white response window. :-/

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Tragic on several levels.

Anonymous said...

Debby a bum is a bum is a bum. I don't see what religion or lack thereof has to do with it. This man appears to be failing to live up to his end of the deal and if this intelligent beautiful young lady would use her intelligence she would run a mile in the other direction before she gets pregannt and then is really stuck. Someone who has her ear needs to take her aside and do a bit of concerned well-intentioned meddling. They might well be rebuffed but still, the effort should be made. But God can't be blamed for any of this. He sure as heck did not make this man a bum!


Kim said...

Oh, slap him and really save her because the man of God did not. I hope she works her way right out of that relationship and into a healthy situation. My prayers are with her.

Redlefty said...

Sounds like they both have some serious issues. Perhaps they can both overcome their individual baggage while still a couple, but it doesn't seem likely.

Debby said...
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jeanie said...

I agree - god has got nothing to do with this situation.

The girl needs to not be with him, true - and she needs to not blame god, because I think god has more to do with walking beside you while you make the decisions in your life rather than make the decisions for you.