Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Waaaaaaaait a dang minute here...

The radiation oncologist is a hoot. I like charactors, and he is one. Last week, another patient was telling me that our good doctor took a day off to go see the Eagles. That made me laugh, the idea of a doctor 'rocking out'. I remember a day when every doctor that I knew was old. On the way to my car, the smile sort of froze on my lips. Waaaaaaaait a dang minute here. I rock out to the Eagles.
I think of every doctor that I have.
They're younger than me.
How the heck did that happen?


Alison said...

LOL - Don't worry Deb, I rock out to the Eagles too, and my doctor is younger than me. All the old ones probably just retired and we're left with the fresh out of uni types.
It's not us.

Hal Johnson said...

I recently learned that my doctor is dozens of days older than me. I feel much better about that.

Caroline said...

I hate it when I have clothing older than my doctors... On the other hand, I had a doctor last year who I replaced because he was 80 and would forget things - like my diagnosis... (But I am pretty sure he wasn't rocking out to anything...)

Kelly said...

Well, my doctor is my cousin (by marriage) and he's probably 10 years older than I am.

The bad news there is having to replace him with someone new (and young) when he retires!!

Pam said...

My main doc is older than me....a couple of years. The boys' psychiatrist could be my child. Sam's therapist is a fossil like me.

I'm kinda at the age I don't want my doctor to be TOO much older than me! LOL!!!

Hey, I would still go to the next Metallica concert in a heartbeat!

Bush Babe said...

Hmmmmm. I still like my doctors to be older, but I have to admit, it did worry me when Dash's paediatric cardiologist turned out to be almost 70 years old and an ex-mechanic. Moral: never judge a book by it's cover, or a specialist by his wrinkles.

Scotty said...

My dentist does the same thing. You know those forms you fill out when you visit a dentist for for the first time? Well, mine included a question on favourite bands/singers. My dentist (also named Debby) makes a point of playing a patient's favourite band(s) while she works on them - last week I found my feet tapping along to the Eagles and Doobie Brothers.

Makes a checkup much more bearable.


quid said...

Sigh. I said I'd give anything to see the Eagles, but when they came to Tampa last fall that $175 per ticket just did me in. I'll sing along in my car. Cheaper that way.

My dentist in CT was so funny, I swear he appeared in comedy clubs when he wasn't tinkering with teeth. It made it hard to giggle when I had all that equipment in my mouth.

It was very hard to see him give up his practice at the age of 60 when he learned that he had an undiscovered, unchecked case of lyme disease that made him incapable of continuing to work with his hands.

I've been blessed with another humorist here in Florida. They need to have a sense of humor to work on my horrendous set of teeth.