Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I live in Podunk, Pennsylvania. Podunk is a joke. Podunk means that I live in the middle of nowhere. Last week we had an armed robbery at the local drugstore. He wanted hydrocodone. I had to look that up to see what it was. He didn't get any. They've got pictures of him running away. He's described as clean shaven, mid to late 20s. Last week, a man got mad at his wife, and beat her unconscious. He left and then returned to get his children. The police were called. He wound up shooting at them. They shot back, and killed him. The idea of a shootout right in town astounds me. I live in Podunk, Pennsylvania, a quiet little place. Armed robbery and shoot outs with local law enforcement just don't happen here. Here in Podunk, Pennsylvania, I am at a loss for words.
Tim and I went to Clarion to watch Cara be inducted into an honor society. She was grumpy and not impressed. Tim and I were, though. She didn't study much in High School, although she always got good grades. Now she's collecting honors and and praise. She's a disciplined exercise freak who doesn't eat processed sugar. She has a poise and confidence that she must have found at school somewhere, because she didn't seem to have it before she left. She's a gifted writer who's attracted the attention of her English professor. Her history professor said that she's probably got one of the best minds he's come across in all his years of teaching. I cannot imagine the heights this child will rise to. I watch this girl, speechless in gratitude.
I'm starting my fourth week of radiation. I was breezing through it. I figured that my dark skin, with all its melatonin was saving me. Then I noticed a burning sensation when I raised my arm. I had a big red spot in my armpit, where the incision was made for the removal of the lymph nodes. Now I have a red rectangle of burned skin across one half of my chest, with a splotchy rash. That was another surprise. I wait quietly, even a little apprehensively, to see what will happen next.


Bush Babe said...

We are too Deb... hoping it's a little bit of annoying nothing...

Hugs to Cara - clever girl!!

Kelly said...

Amazing how they can blossom when they go off to college. Was the honor society Phi Alpha Theta?

How many weeks total (of radiation) do you have to complete? Praying for the best for the remainder!

quid said...

Love the story of your young lady....the radiation spots, well, this too shall pass. You know it, I know it.

Hugs. Quid

Pam said...

Go Cara!! I agree with Quid about the radiation spots...they will pass.

You remain in my prayers.

Lydia said...

Seems both the good and the bad come when we least expect it. Glad to hear of your daughter -- it is comforting to know our children are OK.

We had a murder in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota about a week ago. We don't have them here either.

Lori said...

I know radiation treatments can cause quite painful burns, so I hope you get no more than those, and I hope they clear up quickly. Congratulations to your daughter!