Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Weekend

Last night, the remnants of the warm weather left, but not before bringing a torrential downpour, and finally, a thunder and lightning storm, our first of the year. I love thunder and lightning and it was nice to fall asleep to flashing skies and rumbling thunder. Not so nice to wake up to a roaring wind and more swirling snow. Ack. But seasons are changing here, and you learn to go with the flow.

We had a nice weekend here. Tim's a lot more relaxed since he has a job offer. We did work on one of the apartments, but we are, again, working at our own pace, talking comfortably as we worked. Life is settling back down.

After church, we did something that we have not done for a long while. We went out to eat. I came home to bake a batch of molasses cookies. Tim ran a dozen down to Ken's house, still warm from the oven. Ken is still grieving Peryl, but smiled big at warm cookies. We rented 'Australia'. Hugh Jackman does look very nice without a shirt, BB, but he's got the strangest ears I've ever seen on a body in my life. (Sorry. I notice these things.) It was a sweeping drama of a show, way too many 'just in the nick of time' coincidences to be believable, in my humble opinion, but I enjoyed the movie and the story plot, and the scenery.

"Oh look! A bottle tree!"

Or "Look at the red dirt on the windshield!
That reminds me of BB's Prado!"

Tim just rolls his eyes. He thinks it's funny that I talk so familiarly about the Granite Glen sisters and their mother as if they live right next door.

It was a quiet weekend, very ordinary. I had a chance to be with the 'old' Tim, the one who is not harried and stressed, and working at a frantic clip. It was very nice to be together, quietly and companionably. You know, after I wrote a post detailing the difficult times our marriage has weathered, I cringed a little at my own candor. I waffled back and forth with myself about deleting it. But it is what it is, and so, in typical style, I decided to leave it. Laura Jane left an encouraging comment saying, "You'll get your twosome mojo back on track before you know it." Laura Jane, you were wise, and you were correct. Marriage is not always an easy path. But the seasons are changing here, and you learn to go with the flow.


MuseSwings said...

Mmmmm molasses cookies are my favorite! Where are you!!! The Orient Express is about ready to leave but I told them they must not move an inch until you arrive! Bring some of those cookies! I fear the rich pasteries at tea will not pass Dr. West's muster. His moustach, maybe but not muster.

Kelly said...

Ooooo! I love molasses cookies, too!! I had two different friends as a kid whose mothers made the best molasses cookies ever. Hmmm... I still see both of their moms. Maybe I should ask for their recipes... or I could just get yours! (like I NEED molasses cookies!!)

Janeen said...

Dahling, is your passport ready for the train?

Hal Johnson said...

I think the seasons of a relationship can rotate through more quickly after a life-altering event(s) such as what the two of you have faced.

Rhonda and Tim are of the same mind when it comes to the online life, me thinks.

Redlefty said...

Glad seasons are changing, in more ways that one.

And no need to feel awkward about sharing the other stuff. I think we all realize that sexuality is a part of relationships. I've heard it stated before that sex is like oxygen -- when you're getting it, it's not that big a deal. Go for a while wihout it, and it goes way up the priority scale.

With baby #3 on the way, I know that this part of my own marriage relationship will take a back seat for a while. It's no fun but we always come back, and it was always worth waiting for.

jeanie said...

So nice that you and Tim got to spend the weekend with "old" you and "old" Tim!

It is Spring and time for rebirth. You made me smile.

Bush Babe said...

Hah! Love that you talk about us like we are old mates... we do the same with you (and our menfolk look just as askance at us! Although Mr Incredible loved your spurs gift, so considers you an actual 'real person' now, as opposed to someone I have made up!!)

Hugh's ears?? Really?? I will have to look again. I think I can forgive him for freaky ears... the rest is so... non-freaky!!!

Glad your mojo is returning... tell Tim I am coming (one day) to visit and it WILL be like we have known each other forever. And I WILL corrupt him as much as possible. Hand to heart.

Dave said...

Glad that Tim feels better and that you both do. Grab it with both hands Debbie! Enjoy and remember this time. - Dave

Laura Jane said...

Glad to hear it, Deb.

I must confess - I have yet to see the movie 'Australia'. I am a Hugh fan, but I can't stand Nicole Kidman in priggish mode - she gives me the pip!

Mojo, Mojo, long live Mojo :)

Best of luck with the radiation x

quid said...

Candor, candor.

What to write about, and what is too personal. I read the marriage troubles post in arrears (I've been on an online-cleansing initiative of my own). Reading your post helped me to understand and react to some of the people who arrive at the desk at the Surgical Waiting Room at my Cancer Center. I view them through your candor. Interesting insight. Makes me feel that I react better.

PS I happen to be driven quite to the brink of distraction by those ears.