Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Morning has Broken

This day had a pretty inauspicious start. I was dumbing around at the cappuccino machine and managed to knock over a glass, and in my attempt to try to catch it, dropped a dutch oven on it. Glass from one end of the kitchen to the other. Also managed to break the handle off the dutch oven. I got that mess cleaned up, and then returned to making my cappuccino. Walking from the kitchen, I felt a sharp sensation in my foot. Quickly assuming that I missed a piece of glass, I flopped down to look at my foot, and saw, of all things, that I'd stepped on a hornet. A hornet in March?!!!! I haven't even seen one outside yet. Tim dispatched the hornet, since he had the foresight not to be padding around in his bare feet.

By this time, I was running the teensiest bit late, so I was hurrying about. We got a call from Cara at college. The flu has been going through her dorm. Luckily she and her roommate have managed to avoid it. It starts with an abrupt onset vomiting. Cara finally succumbed this morning. She woke up feeling dizzy and feverish, sat up, and, without warning, threw up all over her comforter. "What should I do?" she wailed. "I can't go to the laundromat, and I don't think the comforter will fit in the dorm washers." She had no spare blankets, so I began to plan a trip to Clarion.

Despite the day's rocky start, the appointment was okay. By the time that I got home, I had a message. Unwilling to expose me to the health risks of 'Influenza Hall', Cara had handwashed her comforter, and then put it in a washer anyway. Now all I have to do is get through my dentist appointment.


steviewren said...

I hope the day finishes better than its beginning.

Hal Johnson said...

Ouch. One of those mornings.

Pencil Writer said...

Hornets? And how recent was your last snowfall? And in the house? Kinda freaky. Sorry for the lousey beginning, hope everything's up from here. And Cara. Poor soul. Being that sick and having to wash out a comforter by hand. I know the heart of a Mom wants to be there to comfort and care for our children. But she was absolutely right on in keeping you away from possibly contamination with influenza. Yucky stuff. Keep well as you can. And, like Bush Babe and Jeanie mentioned, light up Tim's life--and your own. Do you think x-ray vision is a possible side effect?

Anonymous said...

Well,I guess the day could only improve after all that! I agree whole-heartedly with Cara and Pencil Writer - you have to keep away from health risks where possible. Your immune system has had enough to deal with right now and will take a while to bounce back.Hope Cara gets better soon too - yucky stuff that. I am glad she could think of you even while she was so down.

Hope the rest of the day is as pleasant as possible. Look for the sunshine (or is that a bit hard at your time of year over there?) I can't believe you had storms just the other day after so much really cold weather. The hornet must have sought winter refuge in your home - smart hornet??!!

Wishing you a sunshiny day. Love Barb

Stuart Peel said...

Two Points:

1. What is a Dutch Oven ?
2. What is a comforter ?

Sending you lots of love as always.


Bush Babe said...

Sending some virtual super-glue your way... getting all the crap over nice and early - excellent plan!!!

Kelly said...

Sheesh! What a day!

Tomorrow will be better. Have confidence!!

Mary Paddock said...

Ooh. I've had mornings like that. I'm glad Cara figured out a way to handle this herself. The last thing you need right now it to be exposed to influenza.

Lori said...

Horrible way to start the day! I hope the chemo went well, and I hope you don't have anymore mornings like that.

jeanie said...

Ah yes, the rites of young adults - flu, hey?

Not a good start to the day, sure, but I think you got your three things in to breathe easier.