Monday, March 9, 2009

The First Orient Express

This is a complete copy and paste job for Muse's Orient Express Adventure. It is a busy day here, and we've got two loads of firewood to collect. It's just a little history lesson for all of you. My own comments are in red.

Georges Nagelmackers (now, does that not sound like a name that Musey would invent for one of her tangents? But it's not. It's the poor man's real name. I imagine that Mrs. Nagelmackers must have loved him a great deal to marry into a name like that) invites guest to a railway trip of 2000 kilometres on his 'Train Eclair de luxe' (lightning luxury train). The train leaves Paris (Gare de Strasbourg) on Tuesday, October 10, 1882, just after 18:30 and arrives in Vienna the next day at 23:20. The return trip leaves Vienna on Friday, October 13, 1882, at 16:40 and as planned enters Paris (Gare de Strasbourg) at 20:00 on Saturday October 14, 1882.

The train is composed: 1. Baggage car, 2. Sleeping coach with 16 beds (with bogies) (bogies?!!!! sounds like one of Muse's adventures, alright. Bogie men under the bed. I'll just sit up tonight), 3. Sleeping coach with 14 beds (3 axes), 4. Restaurant coach (nr. 107), 5. Sleeping coach with 14 beds (3 axes), 6. Sleeping coach with 14 beds (3 axes) (all those axes...for pete's sake, no wonder there was murder on the Orient Express), 7. Baggage car (complete 101 ton) (primarily filled with Lavinia's stuff. That woman is not known to travel light. Moreover she tends to accumulate an enormous amount of stuff along the way, bless her larcenous heart). The first menu on board (October 10, 1882): oysters, soup with Italian pasta, turbot with green sauce, chicken ‘à la chasseur’, fillet of beef with 'château' potatoes, 'chaud-froid' of Game animals, lettuce, chocolate pudding, buffet of desserts. (This time around, don't forget that I brought molasses cookies.)

Original train

Historic routes of Orient Express
On June 5, 1883 the first 'Express d'Orient' left Paris for Vienna. Vienna remained the terminus until October 4, 1883. The train was officially renamed Orient Express in 1891.
The original route, which first ran on October 4, 1883, was from Paris, Gare de l'Est, to Giurgiu in Romania via Munich and Vienna. At Giurgiu, passengers were ferried across the Danube to Rousse in Bulgaria to pick up another train to Varna, from where they completed their journey to Istanbul by ferry. In 1885, another route began operations, this time reaching Istanbul via rail from Vienna to Belgrade and Niš, carriage to Plovdiv and rail again to Istanbul.

If any of you out there have never played along on one of Musey's adventures, go, go now. It's great entertainment with a loveable cast of charactors.


MuseSwings said...

Bwahahahaha! I love the history interspersed with comments. The fireman says you can borrow a few bags of coal so you don't have to go off chopping firewood. After all, that is not a recommended activity to be done in a chinchilla coat and those pink silk Mary Janes you insist upon wearing to tea every day.

Lavinia said...

Larcenous heart? Well you might not be too far off the mark but people in glass trains shouldn't throw jelly beans. Or turkish delights as the case may be. As for my stuff, I can produce authentic travel documents and customs papers for everything. Except my Indian manservant. He travels on his own recognizance, whatever *that* is.

Still guffawing over your firewood excuse. Lame! It's like 75 degrees in your neck of the woods. What for ya need firewood, Debby?!

Marie Reed said...

Nagelmacker - The word Nagel means nail in German! Maybe his wife's maiden name was Hammer! lol!

Debby said...

Lavy dear, it's 31 degrees in our neck of the woods. And snowing, to boot. It's evident that you know nothing about firewood, dear. The stuff we're stacking now cannot be burnt this year. It is too wet. It is for next winter. Firewood is stacked and undercover. Didn't find anything at all under it, sad to report.

Marie - LOL.

Muse - I don't want coal. I've heard that one lump of coal means you've been bad. For me to get a few bags of bad have I been?

Lyn said...

I must say, I only read the parts written in red, always looking for the naughty bits, forget the narrative.
Wasn't that you, traipsing down the corridor, collecting autographs?

Debby said...

No, it was not me. Little known fact about me. I'm illiterate. The written word means nothing to me. Wanta a molasses cookie, Lyn.

*nibbles on molasses cookie, watches wide eyed.*

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Debby, a wonderful read! Am surprised after this day, that I have my wits about me and can still read!

Sorry to have alarmed everyone about Janeen. She's been in her compartment all the while! Her
page went blank for a about ten minutes. But much can happen in ten minutes! She'll have to account for her time. There's still a murder to solve! ;)

Debby said...

Naps. Blank pages. Stolen hours with Turkish Delights. Lots of people MIA on the Orient Express. I have some serious questions about them.

*nibbles on molasses cookie, watches wide eyed*

Lavinia said...

Debby I'm making a citizens arrest. That's right, a citizen's arrest. Don't ask what the charge is, I haven't had the time to trump anything up yet, but I will, by gum, I will!

steviewren said...

Citizens arrest...citizens arrest! *giggling uproariously* picturing Lavinia as Barney Fife. That's rich...and I don't mean the jeweled kind.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Debby, if you'd care to join us in the entertainment compartment for a nightcap and film, please do! However, my lush bed is beckoning, and I wanted to thank you for helping make the Orient Express that much more memorable!
I'm still disconcerted about a lurking murderer,
but perhaps it was the coffin which slid off the train. But when you go to sleep, keep the lights on! ;) Night, night.

Debby said...

Lavinia - You're Canadian. You can't citizen's arrest me. Stevie, don't encourage her. It just makes it harder to keep her Madam Lotsocurls under control. Petra, I'm not so disconcerted about the murderer. I get more dinsconcerted about the idea of Lavinia getting her mitts on my credit cards. Honestly, I've not got the bills sorted out from her last little adventure.