Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cleaning Quirk

Lavinia tagged me for this meme:
What is your "Cleaning Quirk"?
Something you do that is unusual or unique.
Easy enough. I am a great fan of the "Ten Minute Tidy-Up". I used to do it when the kids were small. If they wanted to go someplace or do something special, before we left, we did a "Ten Minute Tidy-Up. We all went to different rooms, and on the shout of "Go!", we'd clean like hellzapoppin' for (you guessed it!) ten minutes. It was a good way to keep things orderly. Now that my kids are grown, I am still a fan of the "Ten Minute Tidy-Up". Every day, I assemble my supplies, and pick a room to start in. I give it my all for 10 minutes, and only 10 minutes! I am flying, and I imagine that I look pretty stupid. When my 10 minutes are up, I move into the next room, and check the clock, and then clean like crazy again...for 10 minutes. I whip through every room at top speed. It sounds crazy, but you can get an enormous amount of work done in 10 minutes. Furthermore, if I do this every day, amazingly, I can keep up. Interestingly enough, I can now fold a load of laundry in ten minutes. I can vacuum my entire house in ten minutes. Somehow, breaking everything down into ten minute increments makes it all seem less overwhelming. Special note: spring cleaning cannot be done in ten minutes. Darn it.


Bush Babe said...

That sounds amazing... now if you'd just like to give me a couple of demos, I have a bathroom that would bring tears to your eyes. And a living room. And a laundry.

Kelly said...

Reminds me of the "flylady" stuff lots of folks do.... only she does stuff in 15 minute segments.

Karen said...

I'm going to give that a try. I need to do 10 minutes a room and do 6 rooms in an hour. My refrig needs a good cleaning out also, one of the kids pulled out some fuzzy ravioli the other day.

jeanie said...

I am a great believer in breaking it down - it doesn't always come back together, but if it is on the list it has a much better chance!!

steviewren said...

My kids and I used to do something similar. We'd all clean for 30 minutes and then be that it is just me it would be like moving my bedroom clock ahead to try to fool myself into being on time...but heck 10 minutes is better than none...I may give it a go.

Redlefty said...

I also believe in "breaking it down", but only as a euphemism for dancing.

"Break it down, white boy". Then I get jiggy for 10 minutes.

It doesn't do much for the messy rooms, unfortunately.

Scotty said...

I'm not sure that I have a specific 'quirk' with regards to cleaning except maybe when it comes to daddy-long-leg spiders - my philosophy is to leave 'em alone unless they're trying to catch food in my bed, have made a web across my computer screen, or seem overly interested in the contents of my dirty laundry hamper.

No, wait, I also have the three-month rule. What's that I hear you ask? Well, it's kinda based on the Homer Simpson three-second rule, I guess, you know the one where any food dropped on the floor, provided it is there for three seconds or less, can be picked up and eaten? My rule is that any layer of dust accumulated in three months or less that doesn't exceed a maximum height/depth of 2mm can stay put until the next three-month period. The layer has to be consistent, however. Any fingermarks or other trails that disturb the continuity of said layer detract from the homely, lived-in nature of said abode require me to, well, clean it all and start from scratch.

Ten-minute tidy-up? Wow. I made seven and half minutes once. A long time ago. 1998, I think. No, wait, that was when I washed my car.


Dave said...

That's pretty speedy Debbie. Our motto is to put things away as you go. Makes life easier. As Jill's mum used to say, "Don't put it down. Put it away." - Dave

Debby said...

Dave, once you get into the 10 minute thought process, you do become very mindful of minimizing the following day's tidy up.

Redlefty and Scotty - clear evidence that men and women think differently. LOL, both of you.

Stevie - I guess that I'm a little immature, but it really does work.

Jeanie, the only thing that I use lists for is shopping or errands that need to be run outside the house. When i start listing jobs I need to do, the risk becomes 'the dishes are done but the rest of the kitchen is a disaster'. I just clean rooms.

BB - It is harder with children and tons of laundry. It does make things easier though, esp. if you can get the kidlets involved. Actually setting a timer excites kids. They can be amazingly helpful. Vi is old enough to put toys away, and Dash can tidy a living room. If you can turn it into a race, or a game, they really do get excited about it.

The fly lady? Darn. I should have copy righted it. Written a book.

Caroline said...

You inspired me. Maybe I'll try 10 minutes on my kitchen today... but it really needs 10 hours.

Pam said...

I'm not sure how that would work for me. I'm one of those 'serial' cleaners (I guess that would be the best way to describe it). While doing one thing or room (like cleaning out drawers or closets or moving a piece of furniture) I decide to do the same thing in other rooms. Often, I'll then think of something similar I can do in conjunction with that chore.

For example, on Sat. I was picking up one of the boys' rooms, dusting, etc. when I suddenly decided I wanted to rearrange a bit so I could avoid hitting my thigh on a sharp corner of furniture every time I made or changed his bed.

Well, while in the process I decided I needed to unearth his closet to make more room. Several hours later I moved on to another cleaning project.

Once started, I actually enjoy cleaning if I"ve got the time. Of course, with 2 rugrats and 4 house dogs it doesn't stay clean that long after all my work.

quid said...



Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I've never heard of this. A time limit? What if you are done in less than ten minutes, do you have to carry over the extra unused minutes into the next room? I hope not!

Thanks so much for participating.!


Anonymous said...

Ok Aunt Debby my still unfinished house is still sitting here and there is alot of sawdust piles from Mike cutting the trim. Do you need anymore practice on your "Ten Minute Tidy-Up"? No just kidding one of these days my house will be all done and clean and then you can come and see it! Hopefully sooner since it has already been an almost 5 yr project. ya!

MuseSwings said...

I love this idea! When the cleaning project is out there with no boundaries it just looks too daunting. I'll try this. Coo Quirk

MuseSwings said...

ah... cool quirk