Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, I made it. I'm sitting in Dylan's house. It was quite an adventure starting out. It was snowing, and there were white outs. I drove very cautiously, with my heart in my throat for most of the first half of the trip. I just figured that things would be much better once I began to head east on 80. Not so much. The first thing to meet my eyes was a wrecked semi truck, and within sight of that, another vehicle, an SUV, had crashed through the guardrails and was lying down over the bank. I started to doubt the wisdom of my celebration trip.

Gradually, things cleared up, and I was able to actually go the speed limit. By the time that I finally made the five hour trip, it had taken me well over six hours. I got to Dylan's house 7 minutes before he had to leave for work. "Watch some TV," he said. Easier said than done. He has four remotes and cable, and something to record programs for him when he's not home. Shoot. I couldn't make the system work. I spied his laptop. I figured to check in with you folks. I called him on his cell. "What's your password?" I asked. "Er..." he said. "Um. Let me clean it up a little before you get on it." *sigh* He was not raised this way. I sat very still in his little house trying not to touch anything. Living in the woods makes one a bit technologically challenged. Dylan would tell you that I am technologically retarded. Dylan does not worry about being politically correct.

So I folded Dylan's socks. He has a lot of socks. Probably because he would rather buy new ones than match the ones that he's got. It took a long time to match and fold his socks.

He had to go to work briefly this morning, but I expect that he will be home shortly. Then our weekend will begin.

I'm happy to be here. I'll be happy to see Dixie and Bob tomorrow. Hawk Mountain is near by, and I am going to give Dylan a few cooking lessons. We'll explore around and see what's happening in the little town of Fleetwood. We'll talk and visit. I'll take pictures. It seems kind of ordinary and tame, doesn't it? Maybe. It's actually been quite a while since I've had a chance to be ordinary. I'm savoring every minute.

PS. I brought a camera.


Pam said...

"Ordinary" can be oh so sweet and delicious. I know that must be true for you in this celebratory journey to spend time with your son.

Enjoy and stay safe!

Bush Babe said...

Aaaarrrsommmmmeee! (that's 'awesome' with an american accent).

Be still. Enjoy the peace. Take some photos.
*waits patiently, twiddling thumbs*

PS Hi Dylan - intrigued to know what the password was that Mum wasn't allowed to know!!! Heh.

rhubarbwhine said...

enjoy, savour and relish. You deserve it.

Lesley said...

Debbie, CONGRATS!! It is over!! I am so happy for you. I'm glad you made it to Dylan's safe and sound (HI DYLAN!). I hope you enjoy, savour, soak up, cherish, and fill every minute you have on your trip and pack as much into it as possible (without over-doing it of course). I'd like to plan something for my last treatment, just not sure what. Anyhow, talk to you when you get back. Have an awesome time!! *HUGS* ~Lesley

steviewren said...

WooHoo, we're expecting to see lots of pictures!

Scotty said...

I'm pleased to learn that the mismatched sock thing is international and not just endemic to my household, lol.

Dave said...

I'm sharing your adventure with you Debbie, you put things so well. I can understand your confusion with the TV, then patience having to wait for him to come home. Glad you are enjoying your visit and your son Dylan will too. Mums and sons, Dads and daughters is the way it usually goes... ? - Dave

Barbara said...

Hi! Debby

I was just going through my comments and realised that I did not get back to you when you left a comment for me.

I see that you have been going through a very difficult time with cancer and treatment which makes this last post all the more amazing that you are driving for 6 hours in the snow. Hope the few days went well.