Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ordinary Miracle

Well, after getting the computer operational again, we kept getting a message that the printer and the computer were no longer on speaking terms. We were not aware that there was a problem, but there it was. Two pieces of equipment shunning each other. We are trying to get our tax paperwork organized. Tim is still applying for jobs, and needs cover letters done. We needed to reconcile this equipment's relationship, so we dragged out the self help books, we dragged out the disks. We were trying our best.
It must have been quite the argument.
These two were still not speaking after two long days.
Tim got home from Pittsburgh today, and asked me if I'd fixed the computer. Had to tell him no. He pulled the printer forward to take another look at things. Oh, me of little faith! I uttered the fateful (and sarcastic) words. "I've already done all that, Tim. It still won't work." He muttered something back, and I said, "Yep. And this time, we'll get a miracle."
The words no sooner left my mouth then the printer sprang to life. Tim had not yet touched anything. It just began to work.
Dear God, forgive my unbelieving.
And thanks, too.


Pam said...

LOL!!! You made my morning!!!! I've had these kinds of miracles before. However, they rarely come until I have totally lost it!

Debby said...

Oh, let me make it clear, Pam. I had lost all patience with it. Isn't it funny how, in the middle of all the big things, a relatively small issue, like a printer, will send you right around the bend?

Mrs. Spit said...

Things like:how can I help the printer see the computer's good side were running through your head. You were thinking about mediation and peacemaking.

Tim was thinking about hammmers.

Hammers always win with electronics. I'm glad your printer is working. Mine goes on a random pout, and it's really annoying.

MuseSwings said...

My printer was mad at my computer just last week - or maybe it was the other way around and then somehow they managed to settle their differences on their own - go figure. I wonder if they's get upset if the Mister and I were mad at eadh other????

Kelly said...

See.... God cares about EVERYthing in our lives!

Glad the issue is resolved.

Mikey said...

Hah! There you go. Sign from God.

Redlefty said...

And he hath restored the USB interface. And it was good.

steviewren said...

I call these types of events "spontaneous healings," for which I am always very grateful!

I am extremely bad with electronic or mechanical things. If they go on the blink, I am worthless. Thank the Lord, I have 3 smart sons and 1 extremely capable daughter. They have fixed many a "broken" thing for me!

Pencil Writer said...

Miracle Max or is that, rather, Tim? AFTER Debby slaved over the intracacies (sp?) of getting two obstinate former friends back to communicating efficiently once again. Good job all!

quid said...

Printers have a mind of their own. At least you didn't kick the tires.


Blicky Kitty said...

It's a good thing you didn't have to bring in a counselor to handle the dispute. They cost a bundle!!

Dave said...

Um, yes, OK! I'm not so sure that God works miracles on printers! Still, if it works now don't argue....? :) - Dave