Monday, February 16, 2009

Announcement to 'my sheep'

Yesterday's post generated a quick response:
"you seem to be very good at not judging people! NOT! if it isn't what your views are you're very quick to condemn people. you may lead your sheep to believe that you are a peaceful and wise person, but you're not what you say you are or lead people to think you are. sorry you're sick and I hope you get to celebrate your 50th anniversary. from someone who knows"
The person responsible for this comment (either directly, or indirectly) is known to me. Hell. He's related to me. His major problem is that he is a serial cheater. He breaks up marriages. Tim and I believe that if a marriage is not working, you give your all to fixing it, or you end it. You don't sneak and cheat around, and then become outraged because people don't see you as the innocent victim. In justifying his behavior, he has said, "I may have done the wrong thing, but I've done it for the right reasons."
What?!!!! What does this mean?
Cheating is a choice, and it is a wrong one. We want our children to understand this. Anonymous is a loud mouth who wants the world to feel sorry for his latest mess. He cannot stop condemning his soon to be ex-wife. He feels that it is 'telling his side of the story'. He seeks to justify his own behavior. That's all, and if you think that he's wrong, the name calling begins.
"Our lady of immaculate perfection."
He thinks himself quite clever.
The fact is this. People have a right to their opinions. Anonymous spouts his opinions all the time. He does not seem to understand that other people can have different opinions, and that this is the way of the world. He ridicules and criticizes others endlessly. His opinions are, of course, the only right ones.
I had a choice here. I could have blocked all anonymous comments, but I chose not to. I love to hear from people like DavidM and BB's mum, two other 'anonymous' commenters that spring to mind right away. I'd hate to miss them. I have enabled comment moderation and will simply delete Anonymous' comments from now on in. He has nothing of importance to add. We don't welcome his anger and his deceitful chaos into our lives, and I will not welcome it on my blog. I think at this point, it would behoove him to simply shut up and leave well enough alone.


Bush Babe said...

Oh dear... I gotta say, it's never boring here! Seriously though Deb, do what you've gotta do. I must show Mum how to set up a proper Blogger account with no blog so she doesn't have to do the anonymous thing.

Hope your brother gets some help. We love ya just the way you are!!!
BB/sheep number 1

Hal Johnson said...

Sounds like ol' Anon brought a knife to a gun fight. :)

steviewren said...

Guilty people are always trying to bring others down to their level so they can justify their own actions.

Do what you have to do Deb.

Karen said...

There will always be people like that around, minimizing their impact on your life is a necessity.

It's a blessing to have found Tim and to hope to spend 50 years loving him.

Baaah, Baaah, Baaah! (That's my best sheep impersonation). Don't you change, your sheep love you the way you are.

Mikey said...

Sounds like anon has a jealous problem. Keep leading your "sheeple" girl, we love ya, we DO think you're wise, and anon can piss off and go back to his "life" if that's what he calls it.

Just disregard the haters. They only wish they had a blog like yours :)

Mary Paddock said...

I didn't think about David Mascellani when I suggested disabling anonymous comments. I've forgotten that he's not using blogger anymore.

Still, I'm glad you've decided to be proactive.

Dean said...

First off, let me congratulate you on a great blog!

I guess there will always be people out there that disagree with what you have to say. However, asserting that you are right and that another is wrong may just fuels more fires and burns more bridges.

I'm not sure whether this applies to anyone else, but I find the paragraph separators a little distracting. I keep expecting the bit following *********************** to be unrelated.

Pam said...

Baaa Baaaa :)
You do what ya gotta do, Deb.

Debby said...

Welcome Dean. I don't expect people to agree with everything I say. However coming on the blog to attack with no provocation at all is wrong. I enjoy your blog too. The separators are from when I was beginning to blog and ended up with all sorts of spacing issues between paragraphs. I suppose I could try leaving them out. Just never occurred to me before.

Sorry for the rant, everyone. Sometimes a body just gets fed up.

corymbia said...

Ahh family - you can't pick 'em ... but you can ignore the living daylights out of them!

Scotty said...

Never argue with idiots - it simply drags you down to their level and provides free entertainment for the onlookers.


quid said...

You rock, Deb.

David said...