Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Joys and Concerns

My ironing basket is empty. There's a joy (and one that I'm not all that accustomed to). I had a nice talk with a good friend on the phone. That was a joy too. I got the tree down, and the decorations put back up in the attic. The poor house looks naked. I'm not all that sure that can be called a joy, but I'm glad that it's done. It just feels good to be productive, and it is a sign, to me anyway, that once I get this chemo knocked down, it won't be long until I'm up and active again. Hey. What do you know? Another joy!
This second half of chemo will be different. Instead of two drugs, I will have only one, taxol. A woman who's had the treatment said that the last half of chemo was a lot easier for her than the first half. Caroline, the woman with the blog, said that her fingernails and toenails turned black and fell off. Everyone is different, and so no one actually predicts what will happen for you. They can't really. There are steroids involved, and so I might gain weight. Body aches are a common side effect. I guess that I will see what happens tomorrow. I'll be glad to get this second half underway. It seems easier to endure what is happening than it does to try to be level headed about what is going to happen.


Hal Johnson said...

You're amazing, Debby.

steviewren said...

Debby, I'm ashamed to say I think you are way more productive than me any day. Want to come down and give me a hand?

I hope the next round of chemo will be a breeze for you. I'm adding black nails along with sheep's butt hair to the list of stuff we don't want for you.

Debby said...

Sure, I'll help you with housework. It's always more fun when you're not doing it by yourself.

Hal, just plodding through, that's all. Enduring.

Hal Johnson said...

Yeah Debby, but I'm thinking you endure better with chemo than I do with a doggone head cold.

Cimba7200 said...

Debbie, you sounded happier this time. You must be feeling better? - Dave

Lavinia said...

Best of luck, wishes and prayers to you for your second round. You are right, the waiting and anticipating is worse than the doing. I hope any side effects are minor and slight. Keep strong, Debby, as you have been. You are a marvel!

Alison said...

What ever happens, you will get through it. If it's a breeze, you will sail through, savouring each 15 minutes where you have found joy.
If it's tough, we will celebrate each 15 minutes you get through, and even more so those where you find joy.
You can do it Deb :-)