Saturday, January 10, 2009


I went into the Cancer Center for my neupogen shot, and ran into the woman who so thoroughly scared me on chemo day. I'm pretty quiet, but finally said, "I hope that you're feeling better." She rolled her eyes and said, "Oh, were you there?" and I allowed that not only had I been there, but was having the same treatment. I told her that I had just been given the benedryl, and was decidedly woozy from that, struggling to deal with it, and suddenly, I'm watching her drop right in front of my chair. I also took a deep breath and confessed that it scared me witless.
Right away she was patting my arm, telling me that it had actually been her last treatment, and that she'd done okay with the others, just as I had. The benedryl had been a problem for her, too, the first go around, but the next was easier. By the end of treatment, the benedryl had ceased to be an issue for her. She also said that she had not eaten before she came, and that she had snorfed down some chocolate milk and a bag of animal crackers to fill her up after she'd arrived. (Even 36 hours after chemo, this combination did not sound so good to me.) 'Don't worry," she said, and I'd do alright, she told me.
We ran into each other at the grocery store later, and spoke again. She was quite concerned that I not be worried. Surprisingly, she was also in the Walmart when we stopped there to pick up Cara's sugar free birthday cake. Mrs. N. was waiting on a prescription, but was full of lively assurances still.
I am, by nature, a reserved person. I hope to God, though, that I never miss the chance to comfort another.


steviewren said...

God put her in your path three times to make sure you were comforted. Nice.

Mikey said...

I'm glad both of you are ok. This has been so hard on you girl. Keep being strong, you're making it!!

Bush Babe said...

Another milestone Deb... another handle to help you pull yourself up that mountain. So pleased you got the reassurance you so needed!

jeanie said...

Oh wow - that is so excellent that you were given such reassurance three times - magic number.