Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Road to Hell is Paved with Velveeta

Okay. I cooked the remainder of the Christmas ham off the bone by simmering it in a crock pot over night. Then I chopped that meat fine and added about 5 lbs of chopped potatoes, a stick of butter and simmered everything together until the potatoes were done. For good measure, I added a quart of half and half. The only seasoning I use is black pepper and a little dill weed. The real sinning begins with the final step, though. I added 1 lb of Velveeta cheese. Lest you chide me, the recipe actually calls for the entire 2 lb box. I, my friends, have self control.
This cholestrol laden soup is probably a heart attack in a bowl.
Do you have a recipe that makes you feel guilty?
I still have a pound of Velveeta cheese to get rid of.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of velveeta cheese. Is it a hard cheese? Soft? Is it 'real' or a manufactured cheese? I am so curious! Cheese and potatoes in a soup. It does sound rich!

Debby said...

It is a manufactured cheese. Probably not a real cheese at all. Comes in a box. Bright orange, very soft and gooey. I can't eat the stuff straight up, but boy howdy, does it add a nice touch to a cream soup.

Portia said...

That sounds delicious.

I love Velveeta melted with a can of Rotel or Hormel Beanless Chili. It makes a great dip with a bag of tortilla chips.

Velveeta also makes the best grilled cheese.

Okay, now I need to get me some Velveeta.

MuseSwings said...

And what time is dinner exactly! I'm dressed and ready to go! America grew up on Velveeta - some of us survived.

Debby said...

Portia - my sister makes that dip all the time. We call it 'hog trough' dip. What do you 'uns call it?

Muse - Velveeta and jello gelatin, both.

Not sure why I'm so convinced that Velveeta is not healthy. I probably read it some place. I do try to eat healthy. I do. I do.

MuseSwings said...

It's the name. Velveeta. It's sounds like we're eating an old cloak.
It was the Appoved Lenten Dish Of The Roman Catholic Church. Pope Pius himself wrote a dissertation on Velveeta: Mangi PiĆ¹ Formaggio Velveetio. Luckily we were eating the majority of our Velveeta casseroles before cholesterol was invented.
That's the only reason we are still alive.

Mary Paddock said...

My husband works in a cheese factory. In fact he runs one of the machines that mixes (as he puts it) "perfectly innocent" cheese with all manner of things that aren't. :)

My weakness is hard cheeses--all kinds. None of us are crazy about the soft processed stuff. Luckily we get a pretty good deal on it through the factory store.

Mexican food is my big weakness. I spent most of my childhood in Texas and my Dad loved to eat it and cook it. I'm especially fond of fajitas.

MuseSwings said...

An award awaits you, my dear bloggyfriend!

Portia said...

We just call it "Velveeta Dip" but I like your "Hog trough dip" better.

Pencil Writer said...

"A" recipe? As in "a SINGLE recipe"? Only ONE? Oh! To laugh!!! There's a rational reason I look like I do! ;-}

Bush Babe said...

Velveeta?? Sounds artery clogging but way fun!! I have to admit my mouth started watering by the end of this post Deb!

Perhaps the Aussie version (not really, but as close as I can get) is corned meat drenched in white sauce, mashed potato and peas? Hmmm.

Am intrigued by Mary Paddock's comment... what happens to cheese? Me, I love soft bries and camemberts and a good jarlsberg. The path to hell is paved with such cheese!