Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Dylan's headed back to Allentown, and Cara's headed back to Clarion. It was a nice time having everyone at home. Thanksgiving night we sat up until after 1 AM reminiscing. I discovered that ignorance really is bliss. Turns out that Dylan and Cara were a lot more 'mischievious' in school than I ever heard about. It was a funny sort of bad though, and they all made me laugh. I really do have the funniest kids ever.
They were still laughing at the rememberings after I went upstairs to bed. It just felt so normal to hear them going on, and I enjoyed falling asleep to the sound of their muffled laughter.
The next morning, they all slept in late. I set the livingroom back to rights. I was a little taken aback to see a box of tissues from the bathroom sitting on the coffee table. I put them back. When my kids got up, I asked no questions. I'm glad that they have each other.


M+B said...

Your kids sound awesome. I can only imagine how great it must have been to have them all home for thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

There's a darn good reason that God gave us "each other".

jeanie said...

lol on learning about your children - as I know my mother reads here, let me be the first to say we were never like that. Ever.

Glad you had a good time with them.

Bob said...

There is nothing like the sound of your children's talking and laughter, no matter what their ages. What a gift. Just when you need it, too.