Friday, December 19, 2008

Good News

Do you want to hear something that makes me glad (and ashamed...)? We've been trying to sort out this insurance thing for so long. Turns out that, yes, an insurance company can tell you that you're covered for a month, but your insurance can be canceled retroactively, and with no warning at all. What we discovered is that since we live in Pennsylvania, Univera will not even offer an insurance plan for us, being a New York State insurance company. We were shocked and disappointed, but Cara, being Cara, called Adagio. I had their number and was waiting to see what our insurance company was going to do before calling. Cara couldn't wait. I signed the paperwork yesterday. I'm covered. This is an organization that I know nothing about, but any woman with a cancer diagnosis who has no insurance can be picked up by Adagio. It is 100% coverage for chemo, radiation, prescriptions, any doctor visits. Even dental and vision. There is no co-pay. It is free. I left their offices feeling like a ton had been lifted from my shoulders.
Since we need to provide them with written proof that our insurance has been canceled, Tim called the secretary at his old job. She's working with Doug to close up shop for good. We had been assured by the company that we could buy insurance through Univera, and that employees would be offered COBRA. It was a big shock to us to find out that this was not true. The thing that makes me glad, but shouldn't, is that the owner and his top engineer, the ones that drove the company into the ground while assuring everyone that things would be fine, had planned on simply buying COBRA coverage until they retired in a few months. They both freaked out to discover that they can't. Apparently they did not know that when the fecal material hits the rotary oscillator, everyone gets splattered.
This cancer thing has put a damper on the holiday. I'm so exhausted that I cannot find any joy in the normal holiday preparations. I'm glad the kids will be here. I'm glad the tree is up. Most of the presents bought, most of them wrapped. Simple dinner planned. I can just focus on baking a batch of cookies each day until the big day. Everything has become such a monumental effort that I've really begun to struggle. Yesterday, at the cancer center, I met with one of the hospice folks. I'm trying very hard to endure all of this with some amount of grace, but really, I have to say, I never expected it that it would take everything that I've got to do so.


steviewren said...

I've been sitting here trying to think of something encouraging to say that doesn't sound stupid or crass...sorry I can't. I haven't been through what you are having to endure. I can't really know how you feel. I want to say, give yourself a break. Don't do anything. Watch some movies with Cara. Escape for a couple of hours.

jeanie said...

Oh Debby - I have been doing the happy dance for you with this news!!!

And hey - it is NOT bitchy to be gleeful when someone who slid your Tim down a chute fell over face-first - it is completely normal and I think a FANTASTIC sign that you are human.

Like I needed another sign.

Hey - if you are thinking of doing a Yahoo tomorrow, I can confuse you with three of us typing :)

steviewren said...

Oops, I forgot to say good news about the insurance though. Really, really good news!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb WHY are you baking every day when you are so tired from treatment?? You need to look after yourself - for your own sake and others - and let them look after you for now. I am sure they will love to. Of course, if you are doing it because you love doing it then that's OK. Have been there, done that, and your body is telling you something. OK, lecture over - now go and rest and enjoy yourself - or just rest anyway.
Great news about your cover for treatment. I have also been worrying about that. Good for Cara also. I think an angel has been looking over you. Hope one comes for Tim soon too.
Love and hugs Barb

Heather said...

That's great news about having the insurance taken care of!

Pencil Writer said...

Persevering is often a step by step operation, minute by minute, day by day. It's only when you look back on the tracks in the snow or sand that you get the perspective of how far you've come. Blessings to you and yours that your joys will lighten your burdens, even for small moments here and there along the long, arduous trail. Merry Christmas . . . Let Him In . . . [the words of a song I recently heard (again) that had added meaning because of all the turmoil we currently face.] May we all, and ever after, Let Him In!

Redlefty said...

Adagio sounds amazing!

Portia said...

Thank goodness for Adagio, that is an amazing blessing. That Cara sounds like a take charge gal who is looking out for her mom.

Are you getting hit with the big snow storm we are getting in Michigan? We've had 12" in the past 8 hours.

Mary Paddock said...

Thank goodness for organizations like Adagio. We need so much more of this kind of medical service.

Scotty said...

That's great news about the insurance, Debby; I'm sure I heard a sigh when that weight was lifted from your shoulders.

Mikey said...

Whew! *wipes forehead* that's a relief, isn't it? I was worried about you too, Wade and I were talking about that last night.
The sweet clerk in Walmart yesterday told me how she wasn't getting her kids presents this year, they were just going to do board games at home. Her husband's job was downsized and after Xmas they lose their house. She said it's not so bad, her friend was losing her husband to brain cancer.
I didn't know what to say, except she's not the only one these days.
I don't know about health insurance, I haven't had any in nearly 4 years. None of us have insurance. If we have to go in, we just pay the bill in cash and pray it isn't serious.
Scary times ahead. Keep your chin up and remember, DELEGATE!!!

Debby said...

Portia - Dylan and Cara just arrived in Saginaw a couple hours ago. The trip was uneventful. Their grandfather said that he shoveled himself out twice today.

Mikey - I know that we are lucky, comparitively speaking. There are people out there with much bigger problems.

Scotty, Mary, Redlefty, Heather, Stevie, Jeanie - yes, the insurance thing is a real blessing. I was so relieved I can't tell you. I just had visions that we would lose everything to pay for treatments. What a weight lifted.

Barb, Stevie, Jeanie - I'm pacing myself. Yesterday, I finished my Christmas shopping. Day before yesterday, I hung dry wall. Day before that, I shampooed the livingroom carpet. Baking Christmas cookies...pfffft. I'm baking 1/2 batches of cookies. We've no need for so many anyways, and it will make it easier.

Bush Babe said...

THe wordds "sucked in" come to mind in regards to Tim's boss. Not generous I know, but hey - if the jackboot fits. Am sure you are listening to your body at the moment - no doubt this IS your version of relaxing (drywall is relaxing?).

Already done the celebratory sigh of relief over the insurance breakthrough. Fabulous that the load has been lifted a bit.


Reddunappy said...

Oh I am so glad you got the insurance finally! We had to go on State welfare when I went in, no way we could have paid the $350 grand it was just for my hospital stay(2 mo.) Here in WA I think CoBra is a joke, $650 per month just to cover the one person who is out of a job??? We are so lucky my husband got a union job at the local paper mill and they took me no questions asked. big relief.

You need to look into Social Security disability for yourself too. it takes 4-6 mo but I think breast cancer is on the new compassionet allowences list. So you can get it quicker.

It will help at least till you can work again.
I get $750 mo from SS and a small amount from Wa state, for disability. Not much but it helps.

Doesnt sound like you are doing a lot of resting,
dont over do it, it is to easy to do. I can hear your positive outlook in your writting now, that is good to see, you were getting down there for awhile.

Blicky Kitty said...

What a relief not to have to worry about the financial part of it anyway.

Blick left you a little virtual present under the tree over at Blicky Kitty.

Cimba7200 said...

Hi again Debbie. I am sorry that youi feel so bad. I hope that you feel well enough to enjoy Christmas.