Saturday, December 20, 2008

Every Child

They've positively identified the remains of the child found in Florida as the missing Caylee. She had been missing since June. The mother did not report the disappearance for five weeks. The skeletal remains give are no clues as to how she died. Her mother remains in prison, charged with murder. Things like this bother me. A lot.
Thursday night, Tim and I went Christmas shopping. There was a little girl, maybe 4 years old, in the Sears store, dressed in her Cinderella gown, with golden slippers. I commented to the father as I passed, "I don't think they sell glass slippers here..." and the father looked up from where he was kneeling next to his little girl. He said, "She's already noticed that. This is a major fixation. She wants to wear her Halloween costume 24-7, and those gold slippers belong to her cousin and are about 3 sizes too big." I stopped with my bags and said, "Enjoy these days, because they go by more quickly then you can believe. Teenage fixations can be a pain in the butt." He laughed, we exchanged Merry Christmases, and I went. Not before pointing out to the little girl "OOOOOOoooh. These shoes sparkle...." and left the two of them to their important choice, two heads together. I saw them again later, in the center of the mall, the man walking hunched over as they earnestly talked.
Because I am an emotional sap, I teared up. Every kid deserves that, don't you think?


MuseSwings said...

Every child soes deserve that!

I'm sad too, but not surprised about what has happened to Caylee. It was obvious from the beginning that she wasn't going to be found alive. That whole family is just nuts - the mother's lies and the Grandparents prancing around from one talk show to another talking in circles and haol sentences and claiming they were mistaken about what they first suspected. At least Caylee has been found and she is in the safest place possible.

MuseSwings said...

uhm - half sentences.

steviewren said...

Yes, they do.

Mary Paddock said...

Every child deserves that kind of childhood. I knew Caylee wasn't going to be found alive, but I hoped anyway.

Scotty said...

They sure do, Debby; one can only hope that Caylee got to enjoy some moments like that before her life ended so soon.

Bob said...

Absolutely they do, Debby. And what you did was so important -- you affirmed that Dad and how he was interacting with his child. You took time to do something very small, but I assure you it spoke volumes to him. You know as a parent yourself that every bit of encouragement is a big boost.

You never know when you are going to do that. Today I went to a late afternoon movie with my son, then we went our separate ways. I met my wife for dinner. I got there early and was seated. When the waitress brought my wife to the table, I stood up and pulled her chair out for her.

As we left the restaurant, my wife thanked me for doing that and said it made her feel special.

It was a small thing but it spoke to her. And of course I got HUGE husband points and I bet I get to watch every bit of the Titans/Steelers game tomorrow! ;-)

Seriously, though -- little things matter.

Mikey said...

Yes, they do. Every child.

Cimba7200 said...

I agree too. Young children can be especially fun. - Dave

Hal Johnson said...

Yes they do. It breaks my heart to see kids made to feel that they don't matter. But then, it warms my heart to see parents shower love on their little ones.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, yes they do.
I watched an 'Oprah' the other day and learned about the Caylee case. We are behind on Oprah here, and it's not a case that was atthe front of the Australian media, so I watched with interest. I am so sad for her, and whatever happened. I guess now we hear the truth.

Reddunappy said...

Hey check out this last post! at brown eyed cowgirls.Thought it might be cheering, made me smile.


jeanie said...

Every child does indeed need to feel loved and wanted and special.

Eternal Sunshine said...

That was sweet.

I've given you an award - Hop on over to my blog to get it!!

Bush Babe said...

Not sure about your Caylee... not watching the news much at the moment but it sounds utterly tragic.

It's a shocking thing, but working in the media and covering these kinds of stories, I grew to believe something not everyone will agree with: that some people just shouldn't have children. It's not fair to the kids. Every child should have the right to be CHOSEN and LOVED.

I cherish every example I see of good parent-child relationships. It should be celebrated above all things. Well written.