Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tour.

Muse Swings, Stevie Wren, and Lavinia have put their larcenous heads together yet again. You will not understand this comment unless you've been on one of their 'tours' before. It's a chance to view Christmas celebrations in your blog friends' homes. I will not have my tree up, probably. We do that much closer to Christmas as we use a live one, but I will participate. See you then.


A Novel Woman said...

Gee, no pressure.

Let's see....on Monday I plan to scrape off the old van that's been parked in my driveway for a year, then once I can pry the doors open I'll empty it of all the old painting equipment my son left inside it, then watch as it's towed away forever. Forget holly and ivy. This is the best Christmas gift EVER.


Debby said...

I know. I still have to move my elliptical trainer out of the livingroom to make room for the tree, but to do that, I need to deliver some things to their appropriate homes from the back spare bedroom. Then we have to haul out the decorations from the attic. *sigh* No pressure. Thanks Muse, Lavinia, and Stevie Wren...