Thursday, November 6, 2008

Testing Bob

I am not what you would call technologically proficient . If you want to hear a girl laughing her nether regions off, you should hear Cara, who is most certainly laughing to herself and muttering, "No s**t, Sherlock." What with all of her college freedom, she's developed a bit of a potty mouth. She smoked a cigar with friends, watching 'her' candidate win the election Tuesday night.. Because she could, doubtless to say. All that freedom. And...well. Let's just stop talking about darling Cara.


Anyhow, blog buddy Bob told me how to install a video. I'd wrestled with it quite a while, trying to download McCain's concession speech and Obama's acceptance speech. Finally gave up and just installed the link. I'm embarrassed to say that I spent quite a bit of time on that little pursuit. I kept thinking that it could not possibly be that difficult. Unfortunately, in the end, I was forced to admit defeat. I uttered a couple potty mouth words, but it was not freedom rushing to my head. It was frustration. Bob provided me with impromtu lesson. So let's put this to the test, shall we?


The past few weeks have been stressful, and chock full of changes. I've been soothing myself with old music. One of the labels that I used to purchase from a lot was the Windham Hill group. One of my very favorite musicians from that label was Michael Hedges, a guitarist. Watching him play (I have videos) was remarkable. He played the guitar in ways that it had never been played before. He played with an energy and a passion that came from someplace that most artists never go. I don't know how to explain it actually, but he was a marvel to watch. He was referred to as the 'guitarist from another planet'. What you cannot deny is that the man was a genius, extraordinarily gifted.


Pulling out these CDs and blowing the dust off them brings back memories of other times, and other places. I listened to one of his CDs waiting for Cara's arrival nearly 19 years ago. She was very overdue, and I was worried about things, and emotional. (She was trying my patience even before she drew her first breath.) But I listened to this music and was soothed as I waited. I'm doing a lot of waiting now, and it is an emotional time. I'm being soothed yet again. So here you go. History being made, right here on this blog. Thanks Bob.


PS: Cara, I'd like to point out that even in my jubilation, I've no urge to run off and share a cigar with anyone. Just saying. Love, Mom.

Late edit: Sorry. I was thanking the wrong Bob. I've corrected that error. *sigh* There are certainly a lot of Bobs in this world.


Redlefty said...

Wow, he's impressive!

It reminds me a lot of my own playing days, except I had a little less hair and a lot less skill. Other than that, though, we're practically twins.

Cara said...

One cigar every four years is NOT gonna kill me, mother-dearest! Guess what I'm watching right now... Just guess.... Wait, you'll never get it... I'm watching EUREKA'S CASTLE!!!!!!! Oh how I fondly remember these days!

Cara said...

Flaw in your story... Compact disks weren't even INVENTED when I was born!! J/k, I know what you mean.

Hal Johnson said...

Dylan's laughing at me already, and he's only eight. He hasn't even reached his real smart-ass potential yet.

Michael Hedges blew other guitarists away with his acoustic technique. What a shame he had to leave this earth so early.

Scotty said...

Cool - I'd never heard of him before, Debby, but dayum, he plays a mean guitar.


Debby said...

Darling Cara, little miss college educated, smarter than her mama: CDs WERE invented by the time that you were born in 1990. We had begun to transfer our music once again. All my classic rock was slowly being replaced as poor struggling family of a graduate student could afford to. We frequented 'The Turntable', a place where you could buy used CDs quite inexpensively in Baltimore, before you were born.

Hal - As you may notice, it does not get easier when they get older. By the time the snotbags go off to college, they're practically insufferable.

Redlefty - practically twins. Except for the talent, and the less hair, not to mention the red hair...yep. Practically twins.

Scotty - he was an awesome musician. Unfortunately, as Hal pointed out, his discography is pretty small. He died in a car accident about 10 years ago. This particular piece always reminded me of hawks soaring. Check out the Bach piece on the you tube option.

Bush Babe said...

Am as impressed by your technological feat as the guitarist!! Both spectacular... very sad that the latter died before his time. We have an amazing Aussie guitarist called Tommy Emmanuel. Might try and track a clip of him for y'all.

If I can work out how to get the danged thing to load and fit into my blog (never seems to cut and paste the way I want it to!).
PS Word Ver is 'epolypol' - something to do with the internet and elections??

Debby said...

BB - You may not speak of polls and elections for 3.5 years. After two years of election folderol, we're heartily sick of it. Thank you.

Bob said...

Oh yeah, you definitely thanked the wrong Bob . . . I haven't even figured out how to add photos yet!