Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take my Breath Away

Our first snow melted off, and is long gone. Yesterday, we got more.
The last snow was a wet snow. This is a fluffy snow. If you can't tell the difference, you're not in a snow belt. I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for you, or envy you. Get back to me about late January, or so.
See how nicely it pads the rock in our front yard?
This is our road in front of the house. It is called 'Casino Highway', and heads straight into the Seneca Nation, and the obligatory Native American casino. There's some dark, desolate territory between our home and theirs. Once, we found a beautiful but very drunk Indian girl lying along side the road. Her brother pushed her out of a moving car and kept on going. It does not look like such a thing could happen on a road like this, does it? It does, though.

Doesn't appear that the snow is over any time soon.
This is our work truck.

Do you see a problem with the work truck?

Hint: this work truck has a multitude of jobs.
One of them is snowplowing.
We have a very nice snowplow for this truck...

...which we need to pull from along side the garden shed,

and slap on the front of our work truck. ASAP, even).


There was a quote that was once attributed to the late, the great George Carlin: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." He disclaimed that. I thought that was a real testimony to his integrity.

I would have claimed it, totally.

In fact, if nobody has, I will.

Right now.


BB said...

Wow. Wow. Wow.
Utterly breath-taking Deb.
Like a postcard.
That must lift you - sure as hey lifts me!!
Of course, it's stinking hot here, so a cooling view was exactly what I needed.
How did you know??

jeanie said...

That is truly gorgeous! Looks a bit cold though.

Here we had the wet without the cold, so our road out front looks nowhere near as pretty.

I do not envy you the snowploughing. But I envy you the snowballs.

Redlefty said...

We're in Houston, so I'll ask in January if you're still lovin' the snow or if you'd rather head down here for a week and get a break from it.

Lavinia said...

We are still so far from snow. We've had a flurry or two that last a few moments, nothing sticking to the ground yet. Still lots of bright leaves on the ground. THese are beautiful pictures. Clean fresh layer of snow adds a look of purity to forested lands. Sad story about the girl (I left a comment on that post). By sad, I mean it sounds like her life is one episode of this kind after the other. I wonder if the angelic duty of that dog made her stop and think that there is something better, a better purpose to her survival, and thinking about the direction of her life. Imagine a brother beating a sister up. Its unimaginable to me.

Pencil Writer said...

Lovely, cold pictures. As I explained recently to one of my off-spring: I love the snow--to look at, not particularly to act in. But I used to! Back when I loved cold weather, cold air, etc. Now, my tolerance has waned a bit.

And the quote? Sounds totally George Carlin-ish. Those scenes take my breath away.

And, the story about the girl thrown out of a moving vehicle, and by her own brother?????? It is so hard to comprehend. But, the Bible tells us that in the last days the love of men will wax cold. We, unfortunately find it all around us these days. But, on the other hand, we also have great people who love and support one another all over the world. Balance. Opposition.

May the Lord bless you today with peace and joy.

The Factory said...

Beautiful, you've now got your Christmas cards designed already.

nanatrish said...

Gorgeous snow pictures. It's cold enough here to snow, but I haven't heard anything about it. We usually don't get any until January or February. Then it's just a little usually. I love to see snow. Growing up in Indiana I saw plenty, but now it's a treat.

Mikey said...

It was 90 degrees here yesterday. Your snow looks pretty, but COLD, lol. Hope you're doing good up there, snuggled up in a blankie and sipping soup!