Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today, I baked Tim a homemade apple pie using the apples we bought at the Farmer's Market yesterday. I was taking Barb's advice. I was taking a day off from the worries at hand.
Cool story: At church this morning, a couple that has struggled with infertility announced they were pregnant. We all gasped and applauded. Although I was overjoyed for them, I dared not hug Jen for the same reason that I was cautioned not to go into Canada this weekend. After the test on Friday, I was told that I would set off the radioactivity detectors at the border. America, always on the alert for terrorists, would not have let me back in.


Bob said...

As I walked my dog this morning, I prayed for you -- for a good day, for encouragement,assurance and a calm spirit, and for warm fellowship at your church today.

Continued blessings.

Anonymous said...

Great news for your church couple. Radioactive? Really? I did not know that.

Debby said...

The test was called a MUGAscan. The radioactive side effects should have worn off by Monday night. That's the first time that I've been warned about that, despite being injected with radioactive markers 3 times prior, so I guess this one involved just a little more radioactivity. I keep checking to make sure I've not grown a third eye, or begun to mutate. :^D

steviewren said...

Yikes! I'm imagining the Halloween possibilities you could have used your radioactive status for. Which superhero could you have been?

I'm glad you've had a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb Glad to hear you are taking it a bit easier. Enjoy the day. We are all in there batting for you.
I didn't realise you were actually so close to Canada. Wow you must get cold there. I am just content to only look at pictures of snow. Thirty or so frosts here in winter is a walk in the park compared to what you would have - and I don't enjoy them!
That apple pie sounded good though. Good luck on Tuesday Love Barb

Redlefty said...

Mmmm... apple pie.

Nicely done, mutant chick.

Mary Paddock said...

So does this now mean you've made a radioactive apple pie and can I have some?

*Pictures glowing pie sitting on windowsill*

jeanie said...

lol - is there a terrorism warning to go with your baking too?

Congrats to the couple.