Saturday, November 29, 2008


We finally got to meet Geoff. He seems like a very nice person. He was quiet, kept stealing glances at Cara to make sure that he was 'passing muster'. He was nervous, and you could tell. But then again, Cara was nervous, too. And you could tell. For his part, he told us that he'd just mentioned to his mother that he had a girl friend as he was headed out the door to our house that night. I imagine that he left her with lots of questions.
We visited politely, and joked a little bit, understanding that it was not good to release our humor full bore until the fellow had gotten a firmer footing. But it was cute to see the furtive way that they held hands, and the way that their eyes widened in fear when they got caught. That sort of thing. But the most amazing thing happened. No. Not dog gas, although predictably, that happened too. And when it did, Cara studied the dog in disgust, thinking, 'Oh, for pete's sake, why does he have to smell like that?' and went on watching the movie as Buck stood by, chaperoning the new couple closely. After a couple more 'issues', it suddenly occured to Cara that Geoff was not aware of the Buck situation. So she turned to him to say, 'Our dog smells sometimes,' but she said the look of horror on his face caused her to hesitate just a bit. Embarrassed, she said the words, and he responded with, 'Oh, thank God! I thought you'd think it was me!' So now he knows that the dog farts, and it doesn't seem like it will send him packing.
The other hilarious thing? I've made no secret of the fact that I think Mr. Bean is pretty funny stuff. Painted Promise sent me a Mr. Bean Pez dispenser after reading an exchange between Muse Swings and I. I cherish my Pez dispenser, and I love Mr. Bean. No one else in this house 'gets that'. They all roll their eyes and say, 'This is NOT hilarious. This is just stupid,' and other equally ridiculous things. Well. As horrified as Geoff looked as the dog farted, I imagine that Cara looked no different when Geoff, catching sight of our DVDs said, "Oh, Mr. Bean! He's great! I love Mr. Bean!" That in itself was enough to convince me that Geoff is a fine young man, although it seems to have shocked the spit out of Cara.
Life is just sssssssooooooooo funny like that!


jeanie said...

Oh he gets the thumbs up from me, then. Good luck on getting through all the funny thing life throws at you - but sometimes things are to be enjoyed, not just thrown - and meeting a nice young man who has a sense of self-effacement and one of humour is a plus in my books.

Mikey said...

Lol, he is approved then! Sounds like a good time had by all. Nothing better than watching your child squirm :)
Glad you had a good turkey day! Now stay inside and be warm!

steviewren said...

I'm glad for Cara's sake that the boyfriend passed muster...and not the other thing! He sounds like he will fit right into the family.

Karen said...

We love Mr. Bean at our house and have several DVDs of movies and old episodes from PBS. I think the key to understanding Mr. Bean is the abiity to laugh at yourself and that any situation has the potential to be an accident.

Glad to hear that you like Cara's boyfriend, those first meetings are awkward for everyone.

Anonymous said...

We like Mr.Bean too, it is an easy show to watch and a good laugh will do a body good. We had a dog that was really gassy. We found out she was dibetic and after she started on sugar pills the gas left her completely.