Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We have discussed the whole 'I can haz cheezburger' phenomenon.
Cara is a fan.
Actually so am I.Cara believes that the mispellings make the site even funnier.
Cats do not go to school.
This is how they would write.
I know people who have gone to school.
This is how they write.
I don't think it's funny.
The site would be just as funny with good grammar.
But I'm a freak like that.
Ask Cara.
She'll tell you.
Lord knows, she tells me. Repeatedly.

An expert weighs in.


jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!!

You know I am with you all the way on that one, Deb!

I wonder if it is genetic, the lower-grammar-tolerance gene?

I am sure if they were to do a test, the ICHC pics would be the inkblots.

Bush Babe said...

I won't hold myself up as a model of grammar usage, but do get cheesed off (haha!) at deliberate poor usage of the English language... used well, its a beautiful thing. Of course, I need to send my mother over. She'll love this one!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. I can take a little bit of the grammar thing when it is just for effect - not for humans though! The novelty can wear off if too much of a good thing.
Garfield never needed to get noticed by bad spelling and I can never have too much Garfield.
Just excuse me for a moment while I go back and correct my typos - can't let anyone catch me at that. They might think I can't spell! B

Hal Johnson said...

Eye think ur beeing 2 uptite abowt the hole thing. Heh.

Lavinia said...

I love that 'toona' spelling!

Cara said...

DUDE. LOLcats are funny BECAUSE of their improper grammar! Ask ANYONE!

Debby said...


Did you not read P Tigris Cattus?

Debby said...

Oh, and Jeanie asks "I wonder if it is genetic, the lower-grammar-tolerance gene?" My answer: "No, Jeanie, I can asure you that it is NOT. May I introduce you to Cara (see comment above.)