Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm gone this morning. Thanks to (or damn) the magic of pre-posting, you get a post anyways. These are strange days. Challenging days. These days are also punctuated with joy.
Our church's kids got together and sent me a envelope full of construction paper balloons with their prayers for me. I missed two Sundays, and my class has been divided between two classrooms. One of the balloons noted that the pray-er prayed I'd come back soon because he didn't like having his brother in his class. Funny stuff, touching stuff. I miss those kids. I miss my normal life, a lot.
Another joy punctuating these days is that my friend, Mary, comes in to the cancer center after her bus run. We play scrabble and we talk while the IVs run. I really savor those conversations, and the memories, and my time with her.
I've got a whole week home with Tim. His company looks increasingly shaky. The owner closed up shop this week, although he is going to pay the guys for Thanksgiving and Friday. Even though it's an uncertain time, it's still nice to have the time with Tim.
It's been pleasant having Brianna home, and it continues to feel as if she really is ready to begin again, this time. What's different this time is me, as well. I understand that in the end, one of two things will happen. She will go back to the chaos, or she'll start down another path. Whatever happens, I'm grateful for these days. I treasure them.
I think of Charles Dickens.
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."


MuseSwings said...

Charles Dickens knows what he's talking about, doesn't he? Accept and enjoy the attention and care of your friends and family and the thoughts and prayers of those of us who are far away!

Scotty said...

I'll be away for a few days but I'll keep you in my thoughts. Take care and enjoy your time with Tim (it'd be nice to get back and hear how he's pampered you some).


Redlefty said...

Glad you were having a "best" time when you could pre-write this, and I hope your "worst" doesn't last too long.

Lavinia said...

Much of the gang is together again, as circumstances have conspired to bring this about. Very interesting. Your friend Mary is a treasure.

Mikey said...

Indeed. God Bless Mary, what a wonderful friend. Doesn't it just choke you up to know how much you are LOVED?!

Enjoy the time with Tim. I've got Wade having a couple slow days, he doesn't know what to do with himself. I know what to do :) Git ur mind outta the gutter girl. I've got 100 projects he has to work on. I'm psyched!

Hurry up and get better. Get some soup and rolls on and cuddle under a blankie. We'll pray for your better health!

Portia said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank goodness for friends with Scrabble boards.

I loved the idea of the kids putting their prayers on balloons for you.

jeanie said...

Indeed, thanks be to Mary giving you support and time when you most need.

I hope that Tim is able to have some reliable income soon.

How long is Brianna home? I hope that the time works well for both of you.


steviewren said...

That Dickens fellow sure had a way with words, didn't he? I love your insight into your relationship with Brianna. Learning to enjoying the good times is really all any of us can do, since heartache is inevitable for all of us.

The worst often brings out the best in people doesn't it?

Bush Babe said...

Hope that the "worst of times" does indeed bring out the "best of" your loved ones (and all in your community)... fingers crossed for the chemo to go well (or as well as it can), your meds to do their job in easing things, and your loved ones to find their respective roads not too bumpy.

As always,
Much hugs

Lavinia said...

Hi Debbie. Been thinking about you today. Just you, not your credit cards and your jewels. I've been wondering if that nice old lady has been ensconsed in renting that apartment of yours yet?

nanatrish said...

You are precious and I wish I could come play Scrabble with you. We are here in all the corners of the world praying for you and wishing we could give you a huge hug! My daughter is now almost 37 and she found her way. When we were going through some of the trials it felt like it would be forever, but that was a tunnel I got through to the other side. You will too! Don't give up on her! God will honor your prayers. Living in the present is difficult, but I have found that when I'm able to do it I feel so much better.