Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Second Lump

I've gotten my way.
The second lump will be biopsied this afternoon. It is 'to set my mind at ease', according to the surgeon's office.
I am very relieved.
The strange thing is this: I've got my appointed cancer 'buddy', friends, families, medical folks...really, the amazing thing is every single person I've spoken to seems to believe that this biopsy should have been done at the same time as the first, back on October 6th. The surgeon is the only one who doesn't believe it to be necessary. But I'm still self conscious about pushing this issue. I'm learning a lot about the stuff I'm made of. Sometimes I confuse me.


steviewren said...

I'm relieved too! I think it is crazy that the doctors didn't investigate the lump to put their own minds at ease. It proves that no one cares about your health as much as you and those who love you do. Never be embarrassed to take care of yourself....although my true confession is that in the same circumstances I would have to psyche myself up to be able to challenge the doctors too. But you have to be willing to take charge to make sure you have the best outcome possible.

Anonymous said...

Onya Deb - I have found that we know our own bodies best and you always owe it to yourself to keep up the 'pester power' until you get the answer/outcome you are satisfied with. That other lump has also niggled me and thought that they just had to have done a fine needle biopsy while you were under for the other lumps to have left it there.
I am so glad you have a couple of other sensible and frank doctors on your case anyway. It can be very hard to question the experts when you have already had a couple of knocks.
Oh, and I also got my 'real' mail today - thank you so much for it. Will em when I get home.
Hope you and Tim get well together! Love Barb

jeanie said...

Yay woman - thinking of you and hoping all goes well.

And after that, its back to "kicking cancer in the what's it" isn't it?

Got my pom poms to cheer you on.

(oh, and what is "ungli" besides being my verification?)

Mikey said...

My prayers for you today. I think you're doing the right thing with this biopsy

Bush Babe said...

You go girl... don't waste any energy on feeling guilt or whatever over the resistance of your surgeon. Contarary to their own belief, doctors (esp surgeons) are not the holders of all knowledge... and the occasional God complex has been known to come between them and reason.

We all hope he's right of course. THat there is nothing to worry about in that lump. Let's just see him prove it!

Portia said...

Good for you! Listen to what your heart is telling you and act on it. You are your own best advocate. It's good to know for positive if the lump is okay. I wouldn't go for a best guess from the surgeon either, they can be wrong.

How's Tim recovering?

Lavinia said...

It's like a roller coaster ride. I hope you can see the end of the ride in sight soon....