Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday was a long day. I was released to go about my business for 3 hours. It was cold, and blustery, but I had my long red wool coat, so I shrugged it on, wrapped my gray scarf around my neck, and headed out the hospital doors. I walked through the old area of town, with the big houses, and the nice gardens and the big oak trees lining the sidewalks that rained leaves down like confetti every time the wind blew. I could smell the leaves as they drifted by. I remembered leaf piles from my childhood. Do children still jump in leaves?
I walked out across the bridge that spans the Allegheny River in the center of town. I thought it was neat that if you looked to the left you saw 'old town' with old brick facades, statues. If you turned to the right, you saw 'new town' with the obscene blue parking tower, and the riverfront condominiums that the rich folks are snapping up for a couple hundred thousand dollars (mystifies me...) I lean on the bridge, chin in my hands, watching the ducks. The wind is wicked cold, and it has begun to spit snow. It is a new season.
When I am cold enough, I continue on. I'm meeting my auntie for coffee. She's not much older than me actually, maybe 9 years. I push open the door to the warm, warm coffee shop, and as I walk back to a table, I am greeted by strangers who actually stop me to talk. I visit too, and end up joining a polite political debate with some die-hard Republicans. The waitress bringing my coffee is a book fan, but when she picks up my book and reads the title, she looks at me, shocked, makes a sympathetic noise, and sets it down quickly, as if she could get breast cancer from touching the word in the title. She pats my shoulder and tells me that she'll pray for me.
When my aunt comes, we visit at the table, talking for a couple hours. What a luxury, truly. I've never had the time to just sit and visit, to walk and notice, to ponder, and to think. There are blessings in this season, and I am careful to savor them.
Our waitress is very attentive, taking good care of the both of us.


Redlefty said...

I like how you're taking advantage of the seasons.

Any "God" moments lately?

Bush Babe said...

I felt like I was there with you Deb... it's like the world has suddenly slowed enough for you to see the detail. Love it. Love that you are enjoying the detail.

(Not loving the REASON for the slowdown of course, but your focus seems to be sharper somehow.)