Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It always makes me feel better to laugh. Mary came up yesterday. She brought a meal, and, most important, she brought a Scrabble game. I love Scrabble. So does Mary. The difference between Mary and me is that I play it from the words in my head. Mary has a Scrabble dictionary. They have words there that you would never use in a million years. Except if you were trying to whup someone's butt in Scrabble. So usually, Mary beats me but good when we play Scrabble. This day was different though. I was really, really winning decisively, so decisively that I thought perhaps she was letting me win. Suspiciously, I asked. She assured me that she has never let someone win at Scrabble. We played on, talking about this and that, and wouldn't you know, she started narrowing the gap. I took a long haul off my water and said, musingly, "You know, this game has become a metaphor, in a way. I find myself thinking, 'You know, if I can actually whup Mary at Scrabble, why then it's a sign...a sign that I can whup cancer too.'" And Mary yelled, "Oh, no you don't! Don't you dare!" And we laughed ourselves stupid. Still though, I beat her. By one point. Not decisive by any means, but I won. And when she left, she tucked the game underneath a living room chair. This battle is not yet done.


Pencil Writer said...

Yes, but a one point win IS still a win. And one point at a time, you too, will win. ;-}

jeanie said...

I believe scrabble is a game that should be played without a points system - finding the best darned words to fit into the most daunting spots gives me enough satisfaction to not have to resort to the "razi" or "quidditch" options. I don't believe in the resort to dictionaries - but then again, I work hard to not be horribly competitive so it could be a hangover from that.

Good on you, though!

(I think my word verification should be allowed though - dbxwbls - imagine the fun you could have if you were allowed these!)

Stevyn Colgan said...

One point eh? Good for you. My most felicitous, verisimilitudinous and panegyric approbation! There, that should get us at least another 12 points or so.

Debby said...

Note to self: NEVER PLAY SCRABBLE WITH STEVYN (although watching him and Mary go at it, might be a good time...)