Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The day begins as normal. I get up, I make myself a cup of coffee. I put the dog out. I don't go out to get the newspaper because I am not dressed for it, and I can't get my night gown over my head by myself. Tim is coming around. It's been a big shock for him. Cara sent me a package yesterday. She tried to find a 'cope' card, but being her mother's daughter, could not find any 'funny' ones. So she found a card that sings 'Celebrate!' She sent pink balloons, and pink candy, and pink socks. She thinks that we should celebrate the days that make us a better, stronger, closer family. I smile.
Let the lessons begin.


Redlefty said...

Smart girl, isn't she? :)

You're really home already? That's awesome!

I can't wait to learn the lessons along with you, indirectly.

Stuart Peel said...

Hope you're feeling better. Stu x.

Hal Johnson said...

You're amazing, Debby. I wasn't expecting to see a post from you for days, but you come back after merely hours. It's like a gift. Thank you.

It's no secret that those of us under the influence of testosterone handle life trauma differently. I admire how you seem able to take that into account despite what you're been through.

Pencil Writer said...

Go, Cara! My prayers are with you as you forge ahead, Debby.

Mikey said...

Indeed. Smart girl.
Package coming your way today. I did not send any cactus, scorpions, snakes or horse poops. Just nice stuff :)
We're glad you're back!

steviewren said...

Wow, girl are you Superwoman or sumpthin? You amaze me. And that daughter of your's...I'd say she's a keeper.

Let the lessons begin.