Monday, September 15, 2008


I heard this story on the local news out of Jamestown, NY. A 'cold' murder case has been solved. In 1971, a 25 year old VietNam veteran was found stabbed to death in a field. Now, all these years later, a 54 year old man has been charged.
Do the math. In 1971, this fellow was 17 years old. I understand that he has yet to be proven guilty, but my mind went wandering off on one of its tangents. How do you keep a secret like that for 37 years? Was he a good guy living life on the straight and narrow, casting nervous glances over his shoulder? Or was he a billy bad-ass? Did he lay awake in the night next to his sound asleep wife replaying the events of that night? Or was he a sociopath who never gave it a second thought?
I'd like to hear the rest of that story.


jeanie said...

Wow - even more of a mystery when you only get little clues, isn't it?

Did everyone suspect or have they been shocked by the revelation?

How are the families of both men reacting?

Ah news - tantalising us with the bones of the story and then forward to the next attention grabbing headline.

Portia said...

That is fascinating. What led up to the death, was he defending himself or did he kill him out of anger? If you find out the answer to your questions, please let us know.

I feel guilty using an expired coupon at the grocery store. What a horrible secret to be waiting to be discovered.

steviewren said...

I'm 54 and I can't imagine having something like that on my conscience all of my adult life.