Thursday, September 4, 2008


Stevyn (who is about to be published for the first time), tagged a bunch of us for a meme.
Six dull (but quirky) things about me.
There are so many that really, how do I narrow them down?

I'll give it a try.

1. I'm left handed. This means that 'turn left' and 'turn right' do not come automatically to me. I hesitate, briefly, while I process this. This hesitation pissed off my drill sergeants to no end when I was in the army, and they made me carry a rock in my left pocket. I learned to hesitate faster when I was in the army.
2. You'll never catch me with a beer in my hand. Malt beverages trigger migraines. I am not a fan of migraines. So I leave the beer for the rest of you fine folk.
3. I ate dog meat by accident. I cannot tell you what it tastes like. It was part of a huge meal in a restaurant in the area of 'The Mountain of the Three Buddhas' in Korea. The owner considered us honored guests and brought dish after dish after dish to us. It was nearly a 2 hour meal, with way too many courses to count, all of them savory, all of them good. At the end of the meal, the 8 of us went to pay for our meals. It wound up amounting to something like $6 for each of us, totally, totally worth it. We left a generous tip with the owner and praised the meal lavishly, praised his hospitality, etc. He smiled and smiled and smiled, thanking us back, repeatedly asking if we liked the food, etc. Then he uttered the fateful words. "I very glad. Most American not like dog." The smiles just froze on our faces, and we left the restaurant muttering, "Oh. My. God. Which dish was it?" And nobody could say...there had been so many. And much to our chagrin, we were forced to admit that dog meat must be good, because there was no dish served that we did not like. To this day when I hear the phrase 'good dog!', I usually have a flash back.
4. I am so averse to having my photo taken that I nearly turned down a newspaper column because I couldn't stand to think of my picture on it. I'm glad that I was able to choke back the no.
5. I take comfort in the unchangeable things in my life. This being said, I'm also very fond of learning new things, and doing new things, and seeing new things.
6. I think that everyone has a story, and I love pulling them out of people. I'm married to a man who, as a child, was not allowed to speak when his father was home. (His father was annoyed by chatter). Tim was unnaturally quiet when we met. He's become a talker. Some folks say he took up talking in self defense. I don't understand why they say that...*walks off muttering*
I'm going to tag Hal, Susan, The Brummie, Scotty, and heck, I don't know. Whoever wants to do this thing. There's not much that can top Stevyn's third nipple, but give it all your best shot folks.


Mikey said...

#3 had me rolling!
Good dog!!!
I'll always think of you now...

jeanie said...

I never contemplated that with the left/right thing - I know women are more likely to confuse the left/right thing. On my first drive with V, I was directing him and said "left up here" pointing right. He queried, and my answer was "well, you know, the other left..."

Stevyn Colgan said...

Very nicely done Debby! I was particularly interested in the dog meat episode. It's not a meat I've tried (though I've tried pretty much everything else). Don't get me wrong - I love dogs and have two of my own. But I'm not a sentimentalist about animals. I also love chickens, cows, sheep and pigs. But I eat them.

Oh, I keep meaning to say - love the BUG LADY in your profile. Is that your superhero name? What's the costume like?

Debby said...

I have a shiny cape and I wear woggly antennae.

Redlefty said...

I'm a lefty too (duh). :)

What was the newspaper column about?

Anonymous said...

"Good dog" - too funny, but how will one explain one's laughter that will surely follow folks praise for their canine friends?

Ta for stopping by and enjoying my offering. I'll be back soon to enjoy more of your musings

Debby said...

Jeanie - all these years, I've been blaming it on my left hand. Huh.

Dog meat: still don't burst out w/ laughter about it, although I'm not nearly as horrified as I was 27 years ago. However, I do have an inexplicable tendency to cock my head with my tongue hanging out when I'm trying to figure things out.

Debby said...

Redlefty - Wait! You're left handed too. Huh. What a coincidence.

Mary Paddock said...

My husband accidentally ate dog meat once. He lived in Hawaii and had a friend who was from the Philippines. Said he wondered where the family dog had gone only after he was finished. They laughed at him. A lot.

I'm a lefty as well and am so very directionally challenged that I refuse to give them to anyone ever.

Scotty said...


Check here for your dose of Scotty dullness.

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Too funny - SSB ate dog meat too. Unknowingly. We were on our honeymoon in Bali eating a "Steak and Egg" breakfast at some out-of-the-way place, and I said: that meat doesn't look like beef. Or chicken. Or lamb." And we asked if it was dog. And the chef just smiled and shrugged. He went green and very nearly threw up. Still hasn't recovered!!!

Love that Tim has taken up talking "in self defence"!! That cracks me up totally! Cannot beat the third nipple. Won't even try.

Hal Johnson said...

Lefties have an advantage when it comes to flying helicopters. The cyclic, the "control stick," is controlled by the right hand, which means that lefties can fly and write down clearances at the same time.

I've known a few old Army buddies who discovered after the fact that they'd eaten dog meat while in Korea.

I've never eaten dog. I've eaten alligator, and I've eaten rattlesnake, but both times were after enough beer that the only thing I can remember is that they weren't that much different than chicken. I think.