Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Summer is on its way out the door. Tonight we are supposed to be down in the 30s, with a frost warning. I've pulled the few remaining plants in from the deck. Once we get a frost, my job will begin to wind down. Mosquitoes aren't a big deal after a frost or two. You know, I've been really grieving about my job. Between you and me, there has been a measure of bitterness, and I hate feeling bitter.
Today it struck me for the first time. There's a unrecognized bonus here. I've spent so much time trying to go the extra mile, to do little things that others may not want to do, but that need doing, trying to please people. Knowing I'm not returning, I realized that I'm freed of that. I have but to meet my scope of work. Just do my job.
I have been dreading these last few weeks, suddenly, there is a measure of peace in it. I have but to do my job. The opinions of others do not matter. The politics do not matter.
It's just me, and my work, and these golden autumn days.
I realize that these days are treasures.


steviewren said...

It is good that you will be able to enjoy your last weeks there now. Maybe you'll have better memories that way. What will you do next? Any plans yet?

Anonymous said...

Summer is nit's WAY here. And low 30's is bliss, I look forward to it! Oh, we are talking Celcius, are we not? :)

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Is it official yet Deb? Or are you the only one (secretly) on the countdown?? I have had quite a few jobs and the last few days are always kinda bittersweet... enjoy and look forward to that crisp, fresh, white page ahead...

Mary Paddock said...

I guess before now that I didn't get that you were planning to leave your job. I can't blame you.
Do you know what you're going to do next yet?

For me the last few weeks (I gave a really long notice) were a strange mix of relief and sadness, but mostly relief.

MuseSwings said...

Excellent perspective on everything - the waning summer, the waning job. Yet there is a golden Autumn to enjoy with some freedome to enjoy it!