Sunday, September 21, 2008

Making Memories

Stacey is home on leave. She'll be heading for Korea next Monday. Her 26th birthday was at the end of August. She was not here. We did not want to send a birthday gift that she'd just have to pack up and haul home. And what to send her anyways? She told us what she wanted. She wanted a family sit down dinner at the Lumberjack.

We'd taken her there once before, and she liked it.

We live in the woods. Our history is intertwined with the logging industry. The Lumberjack celebrates that heritage, decorated with chainsaw carvings, historical photos, and rustic furniture. The inside has 'trees'.

Since the logging industry went hand in hand with the railroad, they have a train which runs at ceiling level all around the restaurant.

The front dining room is casual, and you eat amongst the 'trees' and the wildlife, and train.

There's a formal dining room out back, decorated in the style appealing to the turn of the century lumber barons.

Cara drove up from college to meet us at the restaurant. Mike could not make it. He was headed to Elmira with his final load of belongings. He begins his new job tomorrow. Tim's brother and sister in law made it up from Johnsonburg. We drove Tim's parents. We had a nice meal with a very attentive waitstaff. As soon as they found out Stacey headed overseas, they went out of their way to make a special time for our family. They even opened up the patio on the roof, just for us, alone, so that we could sit there as our meal digested, visiting, talking about everything. After all, memories are easy to pack. You can take them everywhere.

Even to Korea.


jeanie said...

Good luck on her posting - great to build memories like that together.

Scotty said...

Sounds like a good night, Debby. Love that ceiling-level train; it so appeals to the boy in me.


steviewren said...

It's nice to have the family all around you. Enjoy your time with Stacey.

Portia said...

That is a way cool restaurant.

Memories and time are often the best gift. Kudos to that waitstaff for their contributions to your evening. Sitting up on that patio sounds like the perfect end to the evening.

bruced said...

Is that place in Ridgeway or St Marys? I think I've eaten there. I was on my way to Coudersport for a meeting and was looking for a place to eat dinner. I looked and saw the word "steak" and pulled in. Nice place. Good food. Thanks for bringing it to my memory. Glad to hear you all had a good time there too!

Debby said...

This particular place is in Ridgeway. This is a town that hosts a big chainsaw carve every year, and has giant chain saw carvings all along its streets, so this restaurant is decoracted with some of them, even a chainsaw carved lumberjack standing on the roof. Perhaps there is more than one of them? I don't know. But this one is definately Ridgeway. If you ever get out that way, look for it, compare the two, let me know.

bruced said...

I'm sure this is the one I've been to. I just couldn't remember which town it's in, and I didn't see it mentioned in your post. Delightful place! Great people! And if you hop over to St Marys, incredible beer!

Debby said...

Bruce, it did not even strike me that I had not mentioned the town until you said. That is funny. I've got local readers, but they don't comment. I'm not used to a commenter who knows my places, so it was a jolt. We've probably got more places in common. Tim's got a sister in Pittsburgh. For a time we were pondering moving Morgantown.

I can't drink beer...I'll take your word for it, stick to my wine coolers, and leave the malt beverages for the rest of you fine beer drinkers.


PaintedPromise said...