Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tim Told Me So

I ran a nail through my foot.
It didn't hurt initially.
But now, my foot is swollen, and aching like crazy, and I had to leave early to soak it, because my shoe started to get very tight, and my foot began to throb. I had no choice but to confess to Tim what had happened after keeping my little secret all morning. I had no choice but to endure 'the look', as I was leaving, and when he gets home, I'll get a lecture about how he's 'told me so.' And it is true; he's been on my butt like a dirty diaper telling me that I shouldn't be wearing loafers while doing home renovations.
My reponse has been
"I'm watching myself Tim."
"I'm being careful, Tim."
"Geesh. Will you leave it go already?"
Yup, that's what I said.
Man. I am so going to hear it when he gets home.
Even though I know I have it coming, I'm not looking forward to our evening.


Redlefty said...

When you say you have "it" coming, I'm assuming "it" means antibiotics??

Hal Johnson said...

Sigh. I hope your foot gets better quickly, but I also feel for Tim: I'm married to a hard-headed woman too.

jeanie said...

Give him his due and allow him his "told you so" as he soaks your foot and dresses it.

I myself have learned to heed the wisdom of V in the matters of spatial reasoning. Now when he says "you need a larger pot" I actually listen rather than hear the tys gloat.

Mary Paddock said...

Ouch, ouch. Ouch. Boy oh boy do I know what that feels like.

He patiently points out the the old lumber with the nails sticking up and tells me to wear my shoes when coming through his home improvement project. I nod and assure him that I heard him.

Then promptly forget everything, including my shoes.

Are you going to the doctor ASAP?

Anonymous said...

I hope your tetanus shots are up to date, please be kind to yourself and see your doctor. Ouch!

Mikey said...

Tetanus shot time. You know it. Do it right now!!!!

Debby said...

Yes. Dr. first thing Monday morning. I don't think I'll die before then. It's just that emergency rooms are so expensive and you wait for flipping ever because a foot puncture is not going to set you at the top of their priority list. I've been soaking it in very hot water, with epsom salts, but it is definately going to need medical attention.

And, you know, Tim let me off easy. For my part, I determined to wear my work boots...

Debby said...

Hal: if only my foot was as hard as my head.

steve said...

you know Deb work boots won't stop it I had one go through the soul of my boot into my foot once, and a friend had to pull it out with a claw hammer

Debby said...

Steve: Ack! Luckily, the nail pulled out when I lifted my foot. I don't believe that I could have pulled it out myself. I also imagine that I would have gone to the Emergency Room straightaway instead of holding off until the doctor's office opens tomorrow.

PaintedPromise said...

i stepped on a rake that went into my foot. but do you know, that was NOT as bad as stepping on a wooden toothpick?!?!? hoo boy. that one got infected despite antibiotics and a tetanus shot and took FOREVER to heal... toothpicks are no longer allowed in our house!

prayers for a quick recovery Debby dear!!!!