Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Pot calls the Kettle Black.

Mikey related some trouble they were having with their truck. Right away, my husband-the-motorhead (or hoon, if you're an Aussie) said, "I think they have a Ford F-350 series. Find out." He loves to diagnose things (although he has yet to figure me out), and his brother drives the same truck for his job as a welder/mechanic for a drilling outfit, so Tim was happily contemplating an evening in front of the computer on his favorite mechanic's site, talking to brother Norm on the phone, and 'fixing' a truck in Arizona. He headed out the door to put the finishing touches on the new gas tank installation for his 'winter rat'. (He will garage store the old Mercedes at the first sign of snow.)
I sent a quick e-mail to Mikey, but Tim had said, "Give them a quick call," and so I did. Wade called back. My sister answered the phone in her deep southern accent. I heard her say, "What?" several times, and finally said, "Let me get my sister..." and I was talking to Wade, with his cowboy accent. I had no trouble understanding him, but when I got off the phone, and told my sister who it was, and that they lived out west in Arizona, she mused, "I dunno, but that boy, he shore talk funny."
I about fell out of my chair. If Cara had been home, she would have raised an imaginary phone to her ear. She would have said, "Pot? This is kettle. Yeah. You're black..."


Pencil Writer said...

As I have lived in the South for the better part of my life, I understand completely. My niece cracks up when I call. "I just love your accent," she tells me regularly. "What accent?" I counter. Then she falls out laughing. I simply don't hear ANY accent. Okay. I say y'll w/o even thinking. That's NOT an accent. It's called a colloquillism, like the one that used to crack me up when my MIL would say things like, "I'll carry you to the mall tomorrow so we can go shopping." Now, the mental image of her "carrying" me anywhere . . . Of course everyone but me knew w/o thinking it was simply "I'll drive and you can ride w/me to the mall."

I DO hear other people's accents--and colloquillisms--even after all this time.

So . . . am I a kettle or a pot?

jeanie said...

lol - see, we are so lucky over here, as we don't have an accent - but the rest of the world sure does talk funny!!

Pencil Writer said...

Sure, Jeanie. You keep tellin' yerself that, dear!

We actually LOVE your lovely accents! How could we not?

Mikey said...

Lol, too bad she didn't get me! I've got the southern accent at times. Any time spent around my grandmother brings it right up.
Tell Tim thank you, and it WAS the 4 wheel drive. I sure wish he lived closer!!!
Hopefully tomorrow we will get the truck back. It really sucks without it :(
Tim is amazing!!! You're a lucky girl :)