Thursday, August 14, 2008

Politics and Crap

We have a pretty uncommon last name, but ironically, it is the name of a very well-to-do man in this area, one who is a registered Republican, and apparently gives lots of money to the GOP. We get a lot of calls for 'Walter'. Walter is actually a second cousin of Tim's but they have never met, and Walter's number is unlisted. The Republican party has been trying to get it from us for years. They think we know what it is, and they are not giving up until they find out his number.
In our house, we are not members of the Republican Party. If we have to pick a side, we would be Democrats, although the line gets increasingly blurry. You've got the liberal Republicans who are not all that different from the conservative Democrats. We vote for the person. I'd say that probably 75% of the time that ends up being a Democrat, so if you calculate odds, I guess that we'd be called Democrats.
The phone rang last night. We are registered on the Governor's 'Do Not Call' list which means that if the phone rings and it is not a friend or relative, you know it's not a salesman, but a politician. Only the governent could pass laws to prevent salesmen from calling, to make sure that they can get through when they ring you up. Anyways, as soon as I heard the voices in the background, I knew it was an election call. Here's the funny part. I plainly hear a voice saying, "The thing is people are believing all this crap," followed by a derisive snort. "Um. Hello?" says I. Very quickly, that voice turns professional, and he identifies himself as calling on the behalf of the Republican party. Very crisply, I said, "We are Democrats at this house," and hung up the phone. I realized later that I'd missed a golden opportunity. I should have said, "Oh. And do you have some crap you want me to believe?"


steviewren said...

Debby, I like you even if you are a Democrat.....and that's no crap. : )

Redlefty said...


I continue to get Republican-fueled hate emails about Obama from friends and family. Sometimes I take the time to debunk them formally and sometimes I just hit "delete".

Tell Walter I said hi.

jeanie said...

Obviously I don't have to chose, and I was absolutely gobsmacked when one correspondent send me some anti-Obama stuff by email the other day.

V was talking to his mum the other day - is it true that to vote you have to register through a party and only if that party runs a candidate you can vote?

Scotty said...

And a golden opportunity slips by...

Hehe, I could have had some fun with a call like that.


Debby said...

I like you too, Stevie, even if you are a republican. It's the true blue folk who always overlook the faults of their friends. :^D

Redlefty, I have a dear friend who is my complete opposite, politically speaking. I don't think she realizes it, since I tend to avoid discussing politics. She sends the most horrible homophobic, anti-immigrant, conservative republican bullshit you ever saw. I just delete it. Otherwise, she's pretty okay. Tell Walter 'hi'? What did you do? Lose his number?

Jeanie: in the main election, any one can vote for any body, regardless of party affiliation of candidates and yourself. What your mother in law (to be - and how's the wedding planning coming, Jeanie?) The primaries are the elections with all the rules. Basically during the primaries, you are picking what candidate you want to represent YOUR party in the presidential elections. I sent you an e-mail which should make all of this clear as mud.

Mary Paddock said...

We get those here too. The recorded messages from State Reps and the Governor really annoy me because they don't even hang up on the answering machine.