Saturday, August 30, 2008


No (wo)man is an island. We all live lives that are wound around the lives of others, lives entangled in the lives of others, bright threads weaving not only our own story, but adding to the tapestries of other lives. You don't realize how deeply these lives are entangled until something happens in their lives, and you feel the resonating in your own heart, in your own life. That can be a bad thing, such as the empty place a child leaves when they move into their own life, or the waves in your own life because your child struggles.
I've been down in the dumps lately, and you don't really get the full impact of that, because (ahem) I discovered the joys of scheduling your posts. I wrote nearly all of this week's posts on Monday when I was home with my infected foot. Life's been weighing heavy on me, and I knew that I would not be much for writing through the rest of the week. Lo, I was right.
Last night, though, I went to my sister Anna's graduation from LPN school. She'll move into a better paying job, which will be a big help because she begins nursing school at Titusville on Tuesday. I sat in the crowd with Tim and celebrated her big moment. She looked so happy. When she stepped forward we all leapt to our feet to cheer. There were better than two rows of us. We'd been looking forward to the moment since the ceremony started. Unfortunately, my sister married a man with a name that begins with a 'W', so we had quite a wait. I told her husband Dave that really, things would have been so much easier if she would have married a man named 'Aardvark'. We could have been back eating cake while everyone else sat there waiting. But the ceremony was nice, and the cheering was nice, and hanging out in the reception area was nice. Anna laughed like crazy when she saw that Tim and I had decorated their car. And we all hung out in the parking lot talking and laughing 'til we cried. I ran a little boy around the parking lot on my shoulders while he waved a sparkling banner. My sister announced "I want ice cream!" and since it was her special day, we all went for ice cream. We acted the fools, took up 4 tables, indulged in hilarity and hijinks. It was past our bedtime when Tim and I finally headed up the hill to home.
I've been down in the dumps lately, and I really hate when I'm like that. I'm sorting it all out, and I know it will come right. The griefs and struggles of people I love have been weighing on my own heart. But, last night, even though it was not my big day, I had a reason to rejoice and celebrate. Funny thing. It works both ways. The lives of others give you cause to rejoice. They also give you cause to grieve. In the end, though, the lives of others enrich my own life immeasurably and I am blessed by them all.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

The price we pay for loving, and being loved. To feel, to share, to rejoice, to grieve. You touch us too Deb. Congrats to your sister and hugs for the rest.

steve said...

you know everyone gets like that but I look at it this way.
I go to bed and think well, I got through that one.
I wake up it's just a bonus and smile a lot, funny how it really pisses some folks off.

jeanie said...

To quote a wise man, my father (who was actually mouthing a much older anonymous)

Laugh, and the world laughs with you,
Weep, and you weep alone,
For this troubled old Earth
Must borrow its mirth,
It has troubles enough of its own."

Congratulations to your sister and I do hope that your own week continues to be enriched by loved ones until your fire returns.

Lots of hugs.

Stevyn Colgan said...

We all find ourselves in the doldrums occasionally. Thankfully, a positive outlook will soon drag you out to clearer waters. Keep smiling Debby! x

Debby said...

Oh, I'm pretty philosophical about things, but there are a lot of life changes hitting all at once. That's all. Dylan and Cara are home for the weekend. Small celebration last night. Another party tonight. Trip to Erie tomorrow. You just keep keeping on, and eventually the pull of life's tide sweeps you to a new place. I understand this. Thanks, though, everyone.

Lavinia said...

Debby, myself and everyone I know has been bitten by that 'down in the dumps' bug. Hmmmmmm....I think its the tedious weariness of end of summer...heat....summer seems to last longer and longer each year....and we've had a really rainy one...there are a thousand and one factors, from hormones to weather to the sudden realization that it's been too damn long since you had a wonderful grilled steak....

Hang in will pass....