Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't Tell Jeanie's Mum

I get a number of daily e-mails. Good sensible stuff like bulletins from the BBC and the Washington Post, but I also subscribe to Cara introduced me to the site, and I laugh as hard as she does. It's a strange little world these cats live in, and the 'ceiling cat/basement cat' premise slays me.

Good cats study the commandments of Ceiling Cat.
and seek forgiveness when they stray,
humorous pictures
falling under the influence of the evil Basement Cat

because they understand that in the end, there is a final judgement,

Humorous Pictures

And although this is funny stuff, I can only take them in small doses because (and this will sound anal...) I can't stand the misspelled words and the poor grammar. Cara thinks this only makes the pictures funnier, because cats do not have educations, and this is how they'd write if they had opposible thumbs. Just another thing that the two of us see differently.

From time to time, I really don't have much to write about, or I'm tired, or I'm dealing with some sort of crap and have no time/patience/concentration to figure out something to say. So, I'll cheat, and post a funny picture. Jeanie commented that this site annoyed her, because she thought the jokes would be just as funny if everything was spelled correctly. It's always gratifying to find a kindred soul, even if they live halfway round the world.

I was reading the BBC articles today, and came across this.

I won't tell Jeanie if you don't.

Amended Post: Bush Babe has pointed out that, really, it's their mother that I should worry about, noting that mum used to correct the misspellings and grammar in the letters that they sent home from boarding school...and send them right back. So this post is now amended. Jeanie's on to this, due to something called a feed, so I am busted. Still...don't tell Jeanie's mum.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Forget about jeanie... it's her (and Bush Babe's) MUM you need to be worried about. Legend has it she would send back forlorn letters from her boarding school-relegated offspring with spelling and grammar corrections...

I'm sorely tempted to send her over now... Heh heh.


jeanie said...

Do you know you are the second soul today who has pointed to this article and said "ha"?

And what made you think that my feed would understand your title and not show me your little post.

Mary Paddock said...

A retired English Prof who I greatly respect was the one who introduced me (and numerous other writers on a writer's site) to the icanhazcheezburger site. And this guy is a stickler for spelling and punctuation and proper sentence structure, so take heart. You're in good company.

I think it's a scream because the misspellings are done on purpose adding to the humor, part of the idea being that cats can't spell. What irritates me is when someone misspells something or uses internet short hand because they're too lazy to look it up or type out the word properly.

Still I find I enjoy it most in small doses, a lot like a really rich dessert. I hadn't seen ceiling cat yet. Very cute.

Debby said...

Okay, Mary-Cara! BB - oooh. Harsh. Gotta say, if I ever got a letter from one of my kids, I'd be so excited, I'd save it forever and ever. Mispellings and all. Jeanie: Oh no, I'm busted. Hey. What's a feed?

Debby said...

Okay, BB and Jeanie - I've changed the title of the post, since I now know it's your mother who would be MOST upset by this, and lord knows, Jeanie's got a feed that makes it impossible to sneak these things by her. Don't tell yer mum, okay?

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Oh, I love a dare! And I will pay the price for it too... she's on her way!!!