Friday, August 29, 2008


Today, I gimped up the great stone steps of our venerable courthouse to drop off some paperwork to have the taxes on our project house lowered. It will some day be worth what they say it is, but a repo house that had to be gutted (and was bought for 1/3 of what the tax roles have it listed at) certainly needs to be reassessed.
Somebody had been smoking dope on the courthouse steps, and left the butt sitting right there.
That takes some nerve, doesn't it? I mean, right there on the steps of the courthouse?
Just a few weeks back, an obese cop sitting in his car at a park assured me that our town does not have a drug problem.
You know, I think that he may need to get out more.


jeanie said...

lol - he obviously doesn't think it is a problem - and nor does the smoker at the courthouse.

Takes a bit of face, though.

Scotty said...

Out of the station or out of the car?


Debby said...

Either would be a start.