Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cara wins the Lottery

We don't play the lottery here. We don't go to the big casino, even though it's just up the road on the Seneca Nation. I'm not a big believer in luck. Every gambler that I know loses more than he wins, but they keep on playing, hoping against hope, that they are going to be the next big winner. It happens. Invariably, someone wins, but if you're playing the odds, your odds are not good to win the lottery.
I used to be the night manager at a little convenience store, and we had our 'regulars'. They would come in religiously to purchase their lottery tickets, their instant scratch-offs. One guy would come in, buy a cup of coffee, and he would buy $20 worth of tickets and sit in a corner slowly scratching them off, sipping his coffee, ticket by ticket. He'd usually come up and repeat the process five or six times. This is not an exaggeration. The part that bothered me was that this was not a man who could afford to do that. I'd seen him in there with his family, four or five kids. His wife was heavy and her hair was always dirty.
Tim believes that gambling is the way lazy people try to prosper while avoiding work. I believe that it's the way desperate people pray. I know that Brianna plays the lottery, and she's waiting for a her miracle.
Cara went to Erie with her college roommate. Last night she called to shout my ear off. I made out 'lottery ticket', and 'guess how much I won?!!!!' "Slow down," I said, "Quit yelling. Now what happened?" She took a deep breath and explained. "I never played the lottery before, so I put a dollar in the machine, just to see what would happen and I got a ticket and when I scratched it off, I won!!!! Guess how much I won?!!!!!! Guess!!!!!!!" Her voice was starting to get all loud again. "How much did you win, Cara?" She roared "TWO BUCKS!!!! That one little ticket...I doubled my money!!!!!" I laughed and said, "So tell me, what did you do next?" "Well, " she says, "I was going to put it back in the machine, but I figured that's what the machine wanted me to do. So I went over and bought a cup of coffee."


Hal Johnson said...

That's priceless. I'm under the impression that the Cara stories won't halt just because she moved out.

We both have sons named Dylan. Our Dylan has been hanging out a lot this summer with a schoolmate. Her name is Kara.

I'm thinking about the name of your blog.

steviewren said...

She's a smart girl, your Cara. I'm not one for gambling either. I'd rather spend what money I have on something I want rather than waste it on a chance.

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Clever, clever girl. You should be proud Mum!

I admit to getting the odd lotto ticket, but really dislike casino gambling where you can go back, and back, and back! (Hard to do that out here - our whole lives are a gamble though, I guess!)


Mary Paddock said...

My husband plays the lottery every once in a while. And I do mean every once in a while--like maybe twice a year. He jokes that it's simply fun to try. Years and years ago, I played the occasional scratcher tickets, but couldn't justify the expense so I quit.

Four years ago, a friend of ours won a $100,000. He used it to pay off everything he owned and took himself on a trip. He even bought a mini-van for us (on his own) and let us work off the price of it by doing odd jobs for him (I ran his business website and kept his office computers running and Gary maintained his rental properties). But when the money ran out, we watched him play the lottery over and over. Once he even paid my husband for some work he did for him in lottery tickets. It looks like he's past it now, but it was sad to watch.

jeanie said...

The first time I ever put a bet on a horse race - a Melbourne Cup - I put $4 - $1 to win and $1 each way on both the favourite and the name of the horse I liked.

Horse I like came first, favourite third. I made $22 profit.

My first thought was why didn't I put down $40.

My second thought was how dangerous this gambling thing was, and vowing I would NEVER be quite that stupid.

Good girl Kara - sounds like she didn't fall far from her wise mother's tree!

Debby said...

Jeanie: I KNOW! My first thought was that if she won big, Cara would be a gambler all of his life.

Hal: Life is funny life that.

Mary: True story: When I managed a snack bar at a bowling alley in Baltimore Md, there was a woman who came in for a job. I did not know her but everyone else did. She had been a millionaire, having hit the lotto several years back. They lost every penny of it, and she was back to work. She worked for us for a few months, and here comes the unbelievable, part... one day she didn't show up for her shift. We were reading the morning newspaper, and there it was. She'd hit the Maryland State Lottery...again.