Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Two things....Mikey's back! You remember Mikey, right? She sent Tim a package. She tanned the rattlesnake hide herself. Tim was really pleased with that. Well, guess what? In her absence, Mikey did not suddenly become sane. Lucky for her readers.
Talked to Cara. She's having a fine time in Allentown. They got lost in the Bronx yesterday. (My logical question: "Fer crying out loud, all the things to see in the big city, what the cornflakes were you doing in THE BRONX?" Oh. Yankee Stadium.) Cara, being Cara, walked up to two fellows with gold teeth to ask directions. Her brother felt they were not the sort of people you ask for directions. Especially when the directions include 'go under that bridge, and take the stairs...' and the two fellows begin to head in the same direction. Dylan hissed, "We are NOT going under that bridge." And they didn't. Until they eventually found out it was the only way to get to Yankee Stadium from where they were. Cara considers herself quite an astute judge of charactor. Last summer when we went to New York City, she got into a spirited debate with a street vendor. She did buy from him, explaining to me, "I looked into his eyes and they were honest eyes." Those honest eyes belonged to a man selling bootleg copies of 'Ratatouille'. She was asking 'These aren't illegal, right? I'm not going to get in trouble if I buy one of these, right?'

She also lost $4.00 in the subway gate. She was trapped on one side, her brother trapped on the other. After another local helped her, brother and sister were reunited. They spent 8 hours tramping around the city.

I said, "So what do you think the odds are that Dylan will ever go to NYC again?" Dylan hates crowds. I figured the answer would be something to the effect of, "Not very likely." Instead, she said, "Oh, it was great! We're going back Wednesday."

I think this girl could charm the explosives off a suicide bomber.

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jeanie said...

A girlfriend of mine survived New York by being friendly to some unsavoury types - they were so bowled over by the friendly Aussie-Greek g'day, that they spent the day taking her to the best music stores!

Glad they are going well.