Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today Sucked.

I got rained on something awful today. My boots are soaked again. They were newly waterproofed since they dried out over the long 4th of July weekend. This meant that they held water very well. My bugs were smashed, battered, a sodden mess from all the rain. Took forever to sort and count.
The secretary cries now when I go into the office.
My dog is having a very hard time walking tonight.
I lost my keys. Had myself worked up into a fine state before I found them. Right where I thought that I'd put them. Something had been set on top of them. Erg.
I am behind on nearly everything. Tim wants to work on the new house, while I want to work on this one. He's also finangling on another apartment house. Which I am not in favor of.
A lawyer wishes to speak with me.
This never bodes well.
I forgot to eat today, until supper time.
By that time I had the shakes.
I was also grumpy.
My sister needed me to pick up her little dorm refrigerator. It had to be done tonight. I stopped what I was doing to run down and get it because I felt guilty. She doesn't ask all that much. Her 'tiny little refrigerator' won't fit in my car. I'll have to go back tomorrow with the truck.
The phone is ringing off the wall, most of the calls for Cara. Who is, natch, out.
Make me feel better.
Tell me about your worst day.
Thank you.


Redlefty said...

On vacation two years ago:

-We got a flat tire
-My daughter had a severe allergic reaction and had to be admitted to the ER
-My son developed a rare stomach bacteria and had to be admitted to the ER
-My wife got the same stomach bug. Went to the ER.
-My nephew broke his leg. Got it fixed at the ER.
-My mom got stung by a swarm of wasps. Went to the ER.
-I broke my toe. Docs can't really do anything for that, so I didn't go to the ER, other than for visiting all my family members.

And we drove 800 miles each way to get to the place where all that happened. Nice vacation.

Hope tomorrow's better for you.

Hal Johnson said...

It was in March, 1975. I'd spent two weeks back in southern California after basic training in the Army. Rhonda and I spent nearly every minute of that two weeks together, when she wasn't in class. It was time to fly away, to start flight school in Alabama. She took me to L.A. airport. We had a last meal together, and I almost missed my flight. We held each other until a gate agent called out, "Sir, if you don't go NOW, you'll miss your flight." We said goodbye, and I walked down that ramp. It would be the last time I held her for nearly eighteen years. And somehow, I knew that a door was closing.

Mary Paddock said...

Oh Debby, yuck. What a lousy day. I hope this all sorts itself out soon.

As for me, well, talking to a bankruptcy lawyer will pretty much ruin your day (week, really). That's the worst thing lately.

PaintedPromise said...

it's the little things, isn't it... but then, on good days, it's the little things then too :)

debby said...

OOOOoooh, Hal, that sounds like it wants to be a post. After 18 years, how did it all come back together for you two?

Susan - I like that very much. The little things can make or break a day.

Redlefty - I hope you folks got a group discount.

Mary - yes. Lawyers will screw up any day.

jeanie said...

Oh Deb - sorry you had a bad day.

I don't have a tale that I haven't blotted from my memory banks.

Although - the day my mother went to collect my father from hospital (for badly broken arm) and had a car accident so uncle went to collect them both from the hospital, childless step-grandfather had to rush aunt to another hospital to give birth to a cousin.

The good thing about having the worst day ever is - it means tomorrow HAS to be better.

Pencil Writer said...

One of the worst days I remember was so heaped up with "a failure to communicate" with my MIL, a husband with a broken ankle, (several weeks worth) 3 little children, a large tomato and purple hull pea garden to sort of take care of (seven miles from home) many years ago, and on and on that I'm really trying hard to put it behind me and forgive and forget all the negative feelings and words, etc. of that weekend.

I rather remember another "bad" weekend where my husband and in-laws were coming back from some trip or other together and seeing a fire engine departing our subdivision, and learning that my MIL said, "I hope that wasn't coming from your house!"

And then learning that it had. Sunday dinner potatoes had boiled over, onto some bad wires in my stove top and shorted it out with a nice blue flash and big bang, and I think I remember some smoke and that awful smell of electrical fire. We won't discuss the comments I received for the brilliance of my allowing potatoes to boil over and ruin my stove, okay?

Fortunately, aside from the stove and oven being rendered completely inoperative, it wasn't too bad. Nothing burned down. Thank Heaven!

But, I did live without a stove/oven for six months while we saved for a new one. I learned how to cook everything differently--using a crock-pot and electric skillet (we already had) and purchasing a second-hand toaster oven. No we didn't have a microwave.

Then, when Sears had stoves on sale, we ordered one. They delivered it. I measured very carefully prior to ordering it, to make sure it would fit at a right angle to the dishwasher, which opened right in front of the stove, so the door would clear the oven door. I was very careful in asking all the right questions about what the measurements included, etc. The dimensions they gave were accurate--excluding the oven door handle.

The oven door handle prevented the dishwasher from opening more than two inches. I called the store and told them I was returning it and they needed to come get it.

I got a call from the store manager asking me to explain why I was returning the stove. (Like I hadn't already done that in minute detail.) I explained as preciscely as possible and in great detail WHY and HOW the thing just wouldn't work--AND I wanted a refund. AND they didn't have another stove with different dimensions. The manager was brilliant. He didn't buy my story, you know, me being a woman and all, and blonde, and an idiot who can't read, write or measure correctly, and a few other things I have no idea what they might have been--possibly going through his head. I greatly dislike being treated like an idiot. I can't begin to tell you! So he asked, "May I come out to see?" I was incredulous. "Sure, why not!"

If I were into calling people names, I could have probably conjured up a doozie for this individual.

So he came. He looked at the stove and tried to open my dishwasher. The guy was a real genius, thoughtful, considerate kinda guy, you know. They kind you always want to deal with who think they know more than . . . well . . . anyone, especially a woman, etc., etc.

After puzzling for a few minutes he finally said, "Hmmmm. I've never seen this kind of kitchen set-up before."

Sooooooooooooo, I'm the idiot? Because HE couldn't relate to accuate information simply because he'd never actually SEEN a kitchen floor plan like mine? I admit, I thought it was pretty ill-thought out plan, but reality has a way of being really REAL, you know. Sears did come back and get the poor, inacurately described stove and we were given a credit.

Anyway, we ended up waiting a little longer and got a much better SELF-CLEANING stove/oven--from another store. Then moved about six months later. I loved that stove and missed the self-cleaning feature! I wanted to take it with me!

Still, Deb, not nearly as bad as your day. Hope you have sunshine for the rest of the week--and no bloomin' mosquitos. (Is that a good thing to hope for?)

Scotty said...

My worst day was standing in an American airport, saying goodbye to a woman who held my heart in her hand.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Oh dear... that crying thing worries me more than anything else. It'll do your head in when someone can't hold it together around you. I know. Hope you get her sorted soon.

Worst day - there have been a couple of contenders, but would still have to be that sunny day six years ago (almost exactly) at a hospital for hearts, when the sweet doctor scanning Dash's chest suddenly stopped talking small talk, went very still and then said: "He's got some holes here. I can't see how many. He will need surgery tomorrow." And the whole world went cockeyed for about a year.

Am keeping tabs on Buck - hang in there old fella. I know almost exactly how you feel!


debby said...

The good news is that she's given up the crying at this point, BB. Now she's mad again. So that's better, I guess, maybe.

Listening to everyone else's bad days, mine quickly went went down a notch. It became annoying, not awful.

And, for pity's sake, isn't there a woman in Australia looking for a nice, respectible fireman? Gosh!

Jeanie, gotta say, probably the childless stepgrandpa was the one who had the worst day of all, poor dear.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Oh dear. There is alot on your plate. My worst day? Debby, I have had so many that they have all blurred together. I couldn't even BEGIN to figure out which one, what happened when, etc.