Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rain on Me.

It has been pretty rainy here. Lots of violent thunder storms. Hail. Wind. One storm front even brought in tornadoes but they did not touch down here.
Yesterday, when I was headed out of Erie, it began to rain.

I know we're comparatively lucky. Water is high, standing water (full of mosquito larva) is everywhere, but we are not flooded out like some poor folks in the midwest.

I got ahead of the heavy rain, but before I knew it, it had caught up with me, and I got rained on again.
I got ahead of it once again, and again, that storm caught up with me. A couple of times it was raining so hard that the wipers couldn't keep up, and I had to pull of the road and wait for things to let up. By the end of the day, my Cabela's rain gear had failed me. I was freezing and soaked to the skin by the time that I got home. Dang. I wish there was a way to box this weather up and send it to Hal and the folks out in California. Or maybe Stevie. A foolish thought. More realistic is sending my boots to Susan or Mikey. A couple days in the deserts of Arizona would probably dry that soggy footwear out.

Of course, I'd probably get the darn things back with one of Mikey's friends in them.


I know that I need to waterproof my boots. A good coat of mink oil will do the trick. Just as soon as they dry out, I'm going to do just that. As soon as they dry out. If they dry out.


Pencil Writer said...

Dang! Your pictures look like they could have been taken RIGHT HERE! Kind of like BB of Granite Glen's red dirt road. Could have been right around the corner from me--except for those bottle trees. I haven't seen any of them standing by the road around here!

Rain is great--unless it's constant. Sun is a nice change of pace. Then rain becomes the nice "change of pace" after that. Boy! We mortals are never satisfied, are we?

PaintedPromise said...

hey i will take a rainstorm! mail it to me quick :)

i got a little sprinkle tonight but the darn wind blew the storm toward town before it really started to rain. darn.

steviewren said...

Debby, we did get a 30 minute downpour here on Sunday. Send a little more this way will ya?

ps you've been given an award. Pop over to my blog and check it out!

Debby said...

Thank you, Stevie. And I'm from Pennsylvania. Northwest Pennsylvania to be precise, about 20 minutes from the New York state line, and about 1 1/2 hours east of the Ohio line. I live in a little town that has a church. We are a suburb of a larger little town. It has a post office and three churches. The store just closed. Neither have stoplights.

Mikey said...

Lol, ALWAYS check your boots. ALWAYS!!!!!
Boy we need some of that rain here... gonna be 113 today! Yeeeeehaw!