Thursday, July 17, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Since my county has gone positive for West Nile Virus, I've been busy. Really busy. I am rarely in the office. This poses a problem, because sometimes people from the office need to get ahold of me. It doesn't do you a lick of good to get a dead bird call after the samples have shipped from DEP for the day. Birds decompose quickly, especially in heat like this. If I come back to the office at the end of a long day to find the information left on a memo, it's usually too late. They are past the point of being tested. (Do not ask questions. You will not like the answers.) Anyways, I have a cell phone, but I am not always in range, and in moving from site to site, I don't always remember to check it regularly, and miss calls. I usually wear tank tops or tees, so I don't have pockets. Stuffing the thing in the pocket of my jeans is annoying. I've got enough things my pants pockets as it is. But I am a resourceful person, and was kind of impressed with myself. I got the bright idea to stick the thing in the front of my bra. Added plus: it vibrates when it rings, so voila, phone calls aren't nearly as bothersome as they used to be.
The first day went quite well. I missed no calls. I was pleased with myself.
Yesterday, the thing began to beep in a way that I'd never heard it beep before. I pulled it out and much to my horror, I watched the screen go blank before my very eyes. It did not come back on, even after I wiped the sweat off it.
Dang it.
I'll be missing some calls now.
But everything happens for a reason.
Now you know...
Don't keep your cell phone in your bra.
*This has been an unpaid public service announcement brought to you by Life's Funny Like That.*


mikey said...

Might I add to this public service announcement?

I do the insurance on my phones and found out that if you sweat on your phone (in the course of regular usage mind you) cause it's 115 here all day long and I WORK IN IT, therefore I sweat like a hooker in church....

they do not insure for that. Sweat/water damage=no dice with Sprint.

I've had 2 phones now that I had to replace after my sweat damaged the keypad.

I wouldn't dare put it in my bra, lol. There's a lake there by noon daily. Ok, ok - a small pond

Mary Paddock said...

ROFL! Glad it's working again and the whole county can contact you about dead birds whenever they want to. Can you not wear it on a holder hooked to a belt loop?

debby said...

There you go, folks! Don't use Sprint unless you don't sweat. Oh, Mikey thanks for making me feel better about myself. It's kind of tacky to say that you drowned your cell phone in sweat.

Mary - yep. Getting one of those holder thingamabobbies for a belt, although I do have to say that at the end of a hot day, the waist band of my jeans is pretty damp as well.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Cell phone in a bra? That's a new one.....sorry it went 'bust' on you (tee hee)...oh well, live and learn...