Friday, July 4, 2008


It's the Fourth of July.

Like most communities, ours had a parade. It started out with representatives of all four branches of the armed services bearing 'the colors'.

There were horses.
We're a neat town. No horse crap on the streets of Warren. The sign says that this runs on methane. A vehicle that runs on horse poop?!! Mikey, Susan, here ya go. You'd have all the fuel you need for the foreseeable future.

Search and Rescue dogs marched. This one tickled me. Who says a working girl can't look good too?

There were baton twirlers, and tumblers, and dance troupes.


Marching bands.

Buffalo Soldiers. I guess now that the Civil War is over, they've gotten into precision marching, big time.

We did not often go to the parade as kids, but this calliope was a part of every parade I ever saw. Actually a part of every parade since 1927.

Dixie Doodlers played Dixieland Jazz.

All manner of clowns.

Cute kidlets watching the parade.

Cute kids in the parade, being pulled in wagons by their parents marching with their businesses.

Marching. This little feller was too tired to hold his flag even a second longer.

Firetrucks from all over, from Cherry Grove, Scandia, Tidioute, Clarendon, Sheffield, North Warren, Pleasant Township, Grand Valley, Youngsville, Sugar Grove, all of them blaring their sirens, and throwing candy at kids who were standing at the sides of the street screaming to hear the sirens.

Oh, and not all of them were red.

My favorite? Probably the synchronized Lawn Chair Drill Team.


mikey said...

Now that is how it should be done :) What a nice town. I'm so jealous...

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Great glimpse into the Fourth of July, in Deb Town!!! Looks very sweet and wholesome and fun... especially the lawn chair (we call 'em simply 'folding chairs') brigade. Lots of fireworks too?? Been visiting PW and she is cooking and fireworking - two things that immediately come to mind when thinking of any American celebration!
Hope you had a good one!

Redlefty said...

Heh, homey and funny at the same time!

debby said...

Dear heavens, Redlefty. You said 'homey'. Had to give that a sharp second look. Startled me. Anyways, Mikey it IS very small town, and it IS old fashioned. It's what I know best. BB - didn't cook so much here. Not sure how that happened. Next weekend is Tim's mother's family reunion, and the great bread baking in the outdoor brick oven handbuilt by Uncle Herman and Harold many years back. That's when I'll be doing my cooking. The Fourth was relatively quiet.

Mary Paddock said...

What an excellent small town parade! I haven't been to one of those in years. 'Love the synchronized Lawn Chair Drill Team.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

This looks like such fun, and you and you had the perfect weather for the parade. I like the clown the best...